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Tyre Repair and Wheel Service Solutions from TECH

TECH International (SE Asia) Limited provides TECH tyre repair materials and solutions from the US-headquartered Technical Rubber Company (TRC).

TECH – the Expert in Tyre Repair and Wheel Service Solutions

Tyre punctures and damage result in costly downtime for commercial vehicle operators as well as unhappy clients and lower profits.  

This is where TECH International (SE Asia) Limited based in Pusat Bandar Puchong, Selangor could help with tyre repair and wheel service solutions. The company provides TECH tyre repair materials and solutions from the US-headquartered Technical Rubber Company (TRC), a leading manufacturer of rubber, industrial material solutions and recycling equipment.  

Founded in 1939 by Charles Cornell, TRC’s global business is headquartered and managed in Johnstown, Ohio with group offices in Lisburn, Northern Ireland; Turnhout, Belgium; Rovereto, Italy; Shanghai, China; Tokyo, Japan; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and South East Asia. For more than 75 years, TRC is said to have been innovating to deliver industry-leading rubber products that move the economy. 

TECH pioneered a cold vulcanisation process in the US that repairs tyres without heat, revolutionising the tyre industry. An example is TECH PermaCure flow seals for on-the-wheel repairs that use an exclusive nylon reinforced design to make applying repairs easier; it is said to virtually eliminate breakage and result in less labour time and a more permanent, durable repair. A unique cushion gum flows and cures into cracks and crevices and actually vulcanises to the tyre itself. PermaCures could be used in both the crown and sidewall areas of auto, truck and off-the-road radial and bias tubeless tyres.  

Strategic Focus  

TRC is said to be driven by its commitment to support the entire lifecycle of rubber. The company’s 4R (Repair, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose) strategic vision is to create and extract value from materials that were formerly considered to be at the end of their useful life. 

– Repair: When rubber needs to be reliably repaired, TRC says technicians rely on repair products, bonding agents and tools from TECH Tyre Repair, TECH Outdoors, Truflex/PANG and Pang Industrial.

– Reuse: TRC has ownership interests in companies such as Polywood, which converts recycled milk jugs into outdoor furniture.

– Recycle: Rubber recycling reduces industries’ impact on the environment. Also, TRC customers rely on recycling systems and moulded products from Italian company Salvadori (a TRC subsidiary), which is a leading tyre and retread supplier and industrial rubber repair products provider.

– Repurpose: Adapting or altering rubber to find new uses that create value for customers. 

TRC says it serves the end-to-end needs of customers who implement earth-friendly, sustainable solutions by using its products. 

TECH International (SE Asia) also announced the 2018 TECH distribution channel to users who have trusted its products for years. 

In Malaysia, the company partnered with Hyper Grip Marketing and LKM Retread Equipment Sdn Bhd in East Malaysia, Powerlift (KL) Sdn Bhd, JE Wheel Sdn Bhd and AW Wheels Marketing Sdn Bhd in Selangor as well as Matictech Distributor and KKT Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd in Johor. 

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轮胎穿孔及损坏会为商用车运营者带来 昂贵的停工时间,不快乐的客户和较低的利润。 

这就是位于雪兰莪蒲种的泰克(TECH )国际(东南亚)有限公司能够提供的协助轮胎修补及车轮保养服务解决方案。该公司提供来自美国总公司技术橡胶公司(Technical Rubber  Company ) ,简称TRC 的泰克轮胎修复原料和解决方案。TRC 是一家领先的橡胶、工业原料解决方案及再循环设备制造商。 

1939 年,查理●克尼尔(Charles Cornell)创立TRC,总部位于俄亥俄州的约翰斯顿市,并在北爱尔兰利斯(Lisburn)、比利时特恩蒙特(Turnhout)、意大利罗韦雷特(Rovereto)、中国上海、日本东京、巴西圣保罗及东南亚拥有办事处。据悉, TRC致力于创新和提供行业领先,促进经济成长的橡胶产品已有超过75年的历史。 



TRC致力于支持整个橡胶寿命周期。该公司“4R未来”战略愿景 –修复(Repair),再利用(Reuse ),回收(Recycle)和再利用(Repurpose),从之前被认为使用寿命结束的原材料中创造和提取价值。 



-回收 :橡胶回收降低行业对环境的冲击。




泰克国际(东南亚)也向多年来信赖其公司产品的用户宣布2018年泰克经销渠道 。

该公司在东马的代理为Hyper Grip 行销和LKM 翻胎设备私人有限公司,雪兰莪代理有Powerlift(吉隆坡)私人有限公司、JE Wheel私人有限公司及AW Wheels行销私人有限公司,以及柔佛代理Matictech经销及KKT橡胶工业私人有限公司。 

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