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Vee Rubber: Keeping Pace with Tomorrow’s Mobility Needs

Vee Rubber pointed out that both its high performance and light truck tyre patterns attracted a lot of positive attention.

Vee Rubber Displays Comprehensive Product Ranges  

Another high-profile tyre producer exhibiting at Tyrexpo Asia 2019 was Thailand based Vee Tyre & Rubber who were showcasing their comprehensive ranges of passenger car and light truck patterns at the event including several recently introduced patterns.

Tyreman spoke with Bike Sukanjanapong, Brand Director at Vee Tyre and son of Vitorn Sukanjanapong, Owner and CEO of the company. Bike was keen to point out that both the high performance and light truck tyre patterns attracted a lot of positive attention during the show and included the highest tyre in the pick-up sector in the world, which has already established itself as a popular option in North America.

Bike added, “Vee Tyre is a wholly independent company, which consistently carries out a significant amount of research and development at its own rubber private plantation in the south of Thailand. We currently operate six manufacturing facilities throughout the world, which enables the company to always be prepared to immediately react to any situation that would affect our international production schedule (by switching production to another facility) at any time and on a global basis.”

When asked for his opinion on the current situation in terms of production levels and sales in South East Asia. Bike told us, “Despite an increasing amount of obvious competition, which at the moment has been fuelled by Chinese manufacturers who are trying to work around the tyre tariffs imposed on them by switching production to neighbouring countries. I still firmly believe that South East Asia continues to be a growing and prosperous market.

“There are a great deal of quality brands available within the sector, and in my opinion a growing number of end users are beginning to appreciate the effective benefits of investing a little more money on a good tyre that will last them much longer as opposed to just going for the cheapest brand they can find. I believe well-manufactured tyres are beginning to win the battle when it comes to value for money tyres.

“Of course, there will always be a need for drivers to periodically replace their worn tyres, so a competitively priced market in South East Asia has to be maintained. At the same time, innovative technical developments in tyre production will continue to evolve with autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles now being viewed a definite reality for future mobility. Therefore, the tyre market as a whole will need to react and advance at the same level of innovation, and at Vee Rubber we have the ability and vision to keep pace with these exciting developments in our industry.”


Vee Rubber:与明天的移动需求同步发展


泰国Vee Tyre & Rubber是另一家参与2019年亚洲轮胎展的高知名度轮胎制造商,他们在展会中展示其轿车和轻型卡车轮胎款型,以及一些新推出的产品。

《轮胎世界》采访了Vee Tyre品牌总监Bike Sukanjanapong,该公司东主兼首席执行员Vitorn Sukanjanapong的儿子。Bike指出,他们的高性能和轻型卡车轮胎款型在展会上吸引了许多访客的注意,而这包括了世界皮卡领域中最大的轮胎,已在南美成功成为一个受欢迎选择。

Bike补充:“Vee Tyre是一家完全独立的公司,定期在其位于泰国南部的私人橡胶种植园里进行大量的研发。我们目前在全世界拥有6家制造厂,这使我们能够在全球的任何时候,当我们的生产计划受到影响时立刻采取行动,将生产转移到另一个工厂去。”


“在这个区域里有许多优质的品牌,我认为越来越多用户开始明白投资多一点钱,购买使用寿命较长的好轮胎相对于能寻获的最便宜品牌的有效好处。我相信好的制造商已经开始在此战争中获得胜利, 特别是在物超所值的轮胎方面。”

“当然,驾驶人需要定期更换他们磨耗的轮胎,所以东南亚具竞争性价格的市场仍必须保持下来。同时,随着自动驾驶汽车和电动车被视为明确的未来移动性趋势,创新的轮胎生产技术发展将逐渐形成。因此,整个轮胎市场需要在相同的创新水平上,作出反应和进步,而我们Vee Rubber有能力和愿景,能与我们这个行业里令人兴奋的发展同步向前。”




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