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Vipal Rubber Celebrates Success at Fenatran 2022

Vipal Rubber celebrates the positive results obtained during its participation in the 23rd International Road Cargo Transport Trade Show, known as Fenatran.

Vipal Rubber Presents New Tread Designs 

The event, which was one of the world’s most important exhibitions in the transport and logistics segment, returned after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

In a stand with a design similar to a retreader of its Authorised Network, Vipal Rubber presented its new tread designs, such as the new tread DV-RT5, in addition to other exclusive designs that are the highlight of its portfolio….

The company’s participation in the exhibition was also marked by the NTC Transport Suppliers Award. Vipal was the winner in the Tyre Retreading Brands category, an award that reached its 20th edition. Conferred by the National Association of Cargo Transport and Logistics (NTC & Logística), in partnership with OTM Editora, the award is considered one of the most important in Brazilian transportion that recognises the best cargo transport suppliers in the country…..

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Vipal橡胶于第 23 届巴西圣保罗卡车及商用车展览会(Fenatran)成功展出,并获得热烈回响。这个在世界运输和物流领域里最重要的展览之一,因冠病大流行中断三年后,如今卷土重来。

Vipal橡胶的展台设计,与其授权网络翻新伙伴的类似。除了产品组合中的其它独家设计外,该公司也借此展示了最新的胎面胶设计,如全新的 DV-RT5。

Vipal橡胶还因这次的参展,荣获NTC运输供应商奖。Vipal是轮胎翻新品牌类别的获胜者,该奖项已举办了 20 届。这个由全国货物运输和物流公会 (NTC & Logística) 与 OTM Editora合作颁发的奖项,被认为是巴西运输业最重要的奖项之一,旨在表彰该国最好的货运供应商…….


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