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Vipal Rubber: Cost-Effective Solutions for Fleets on All Continents

Vipal Rubber is consolidated among the main global brands that develop and manufacture products for tyre retreading and repairs.

Vipal’s Eye Control Technology to Identify Anomalies in Alignment 

Uniting quality and innovation in over 48 years on the road, the company is a leader in the segment in Latin America and is increasingly conquering more space and new customers on all continents. By offering a varied portfolio with solutions for the most diverse applications and needs of carriers, Vipal products and services contribute in a decisive way to generate savings for fleet owners and also favour the circular economy.   

Speaking of innovation, Vipal has the exclusive Eye Control technology, developed from the need to provide the end user with a practical and simple way to identify anomalies in alignment, geometry and irregular wear. Eye Control indicates the correct moment to rotate and also shows when the tyre needs to be removed for retreading. This way, the tyre casing is preserved and the product’s useful life is extended for a much longer period if it undergoes a quality retread such as the one offered by Vipal‘s partner retreaders…. 

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Vipal橡胶被整合为开发和制造轮胎翻新和维修产品的主要全球品牌。在超过 48 年的发展历程中,该公司将质量和创新结合在一起,成为拉丁美洲轮胎翻新与维修产品领域的领导者,不仅征服了越来越多的新客户,也不断地扩大它在各大洲的版图。通过为运输商提供最多样化的产品组合和解决方案,Vipal除了以决定性的产品和服务为车队所有者节省开支外,还有利于循环经济。

说到创新,Vipal开发了一种独有的 Eye Control 技术,为最终客户提供一种实用且简单的方法来识别轮胎的定位、几何形状和不规则磨损方面的异常情况。 Eye Control指出适当的轮胎对调时刻,并显示何时需要拆下轮胎进行翻新。如果通过 Vipal合作伙伴翻新商进行优质翻新,就可保护胎体并延长产品的使用寿命….. 


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