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Vipal Rubber Expands Partnership with Vaculug

Vipal Rubber is very proud of the solid partnerships it has built over the years.

Vipal’s Logo on Two Vaculug’s Trucks  

Among them is the alliance formed with the British company Vaculug, a company located in the city of Grantham that stands out as Europe’s largest independent retreader. The two companies already have a very successful 12-year commercial relationship, which will expand even more with this new addition. Two trucks from Vaculug´s fleet will now proudly carry Vipal Rubber´s logo as they travel across British roads.

According to Vaculug Executive Chairman, Haarjeev S. Kandhari, these trucks will take Vipal‘s name to different parts of the United Kingdom, demonstrating the company’s confidence in the products and services of Vipal brand, showing the strong partnership between the two companies. 

“It will be a great branding action for Vipal. We are going to take the logo stamped on our vehicles to different locations through our domestic market to gain even more recognition, besides of showing everyone our excellent relationship”, Kandhari highlights.

 “We also want to reinforce with our internal team and drivers the confidence we have in the company and its products, which we have proven on the road to be the best and most durable in the market when it comes to tyre retreads”, the owner of Vaculug adds. 

Currently among the treads most used by the company to serve carriers in the region is the VT540, certified with the Alpine Symbol. Another tread option that has been widely used by Vaculug is the VRT3, with an exclusive Vipal design and excellent traction on high-powered vehicles and adequate water drainage. The DV-RT4 has also conquered British carriers thanks to the balance and stability it provides in harsh conditions. The tread stands out for having greater resistance and durability, allowing higher mileage due to greater surface area contact with the ground. It is indicated for drive axles in transport services that require a high level of tyre performance with excellent adhesion on slippery roads.

Vipal Rubber Commercial Manager, Fabricio Nedeff, celebrates this new stage of the partnership. “I am always thrilled when receive this type of recognition, specially from a company who is a reference for quality among the retreading industry. This shows how strong the relationship and commitment is between Vaculug and Vipal. It is a source of pride for us to supply treads and other products to a retreader with so much tradition”, Nedeff highlights.

Founded in 1950, Vaculug has over 160 employees and is Europe´s largest independent retreader. Vipal‘s partner since 2009, it works with hot and cold cure retread tyres for commercial and OTR vehicles.



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