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Vipal Rubber’s Eye Control Technology for Better Control Over Tyre Conservation and Reduces Costs


Released in March 2019, the Vipal‘s Eye Control technology is already present on the VM540 and VT540 treads and recently on the VT170 and VL170A treads.

Vipal Rubber Helps Users to Keep an Eye on Their Tyres 

Vipal Rubber strives for quality to offer excellent options to the tyre retreading segment for all markets where it operates on all continents. 

In addition to exclusive designs for all types of terrain, Vipal Rubber presented another unique feature for some of its tread models. Developed from the need to provide the end user with a practical and simple way of identifying anomalies in alignment and geometry and irregular wear, the exclusive Eye Control technology would suggest the correct moment for tyre rotation and indicating when the tyre needs to be retreaded. 

Released in March 2019, the Eye Control technology is already present on the VM540 and VT540 treads and recently on the VT170 and VL170A treads.

The idea of designing the wear indicator in the shape of an eye is to suggest that the user ‘keeps an eye on their tyres’. In Europe, Vipal has been granted the exclusive industrial design for using this format developed by the company. This means that it cannot be replicated by other companies without authorisation from Vipal.

This information helps preserve the tyre casing and extends its service life, especially when combined with quality retreading offered by retreaders using Vipal‘s technology and products. Consequently, it benefits the user with easier tyre management practices, in addition to reducing the fleets tyre maintenance costs.

Since its release on the European market and distribution to other continents, consumer reception of this new technology has been extremely positive. The Commercial Manager of Vipal Europe, Fabricio Nedeff said, “Customers have confirmed that, in practice, it is a very good tool for managing tyres and avoiding problems in the casing before retreading it again. No one else has tread technology like this.”

Talking about Vipal‘s post-pandemic expectations, the company is confident of a gradual resumption of a normal sales volume and the company’s expansion process, which was at an excellent pace before the Covid-19 pandemic.

As Vipal Rubber‘s International Sales Manager, Gilson Dugno, comments, Vipal Rubber has a positive outlook regardless of the circumstances. “We are concerned about the Covid-19 pandemic, which is a completely new circumstance. It is time to make the right adjustments to be ready for the post-pandemic period, when it happens, we are sure that great opportunities will appear and we need to be on the lookout to take advantage of them.”

He continued to point out that Vipal Rubber´s strategies have always been quite simple,  offering a cutting-edge product; great solutions; and being present and supportive to their partners every minute.

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