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Vitour Showcased Sports Range ‘Tempesta Enzo’ at CITEXPO

Launched in 21 sizes, the new ‘Tempesta Enzo’ series in 7-shape tread design has wide longitudinal grooves and high a rigidity shoulder design. 

Vitour Introduces Semi-slick Sport Tyre Range

Vitour Tires showcased their semi-slick sports tyre range under the ‘Tempesta Enzo’ brand at the Shanghai show. The Qingdao based contract manufacturer concluded road tests of the high-performance sport tyre, which offers excellent handling ability, during track driving conditions. Launched in 21 sizes, the new series in 7-shape tread design has wide longitudinal grooves and high a rigidity shoulder design. 

“Tempesta Enzo engineered with technology inspired by racing, offers maximum grip under braking and cornering conditions in wet and dry conditions,” claimed Flora Fans, Sales Manager, Vitour Tires at the annual tyre event in China

With road test concluded successfully, the new tyre range is ready for sale in the export and domestic market. The range is designed to offer consistent footprint and uniform pressure distribution for enhanced cornering. It has a high response directional tread pattern with circumferential grooves that help in creating a consistent contact patch for a smooth feel. A special tread compound, the same found in performance driving events, helps in providing initial grip. 

Established in 2006, Vitour is a major PCR player, also producing a small volume of TBR tyres. “We are mainly into PCR tyres and sell 3 million pieces annually,” said Flora. The company until now has only focused on the overseas market, with the whole production being shipped around the world.

However, the company has recently altered its strategy and is now looking to develop sales inside China also. The move may have been due to the tough evolving market scenario overseas, especially in the hi-end western markets. 

“We have now introduced the brand in the domestic market from the beginning of 2018, however, the domestic sales are still small since it is our first year in the China market,” said a company official. 

“We have been exporting all our production for the last decade but now we have much a wider range and sizes that could serve the domestic market better.” Vitour markets PCR, SUV 4×4, light truck radial, special trailer, and winter tyres under various brands.


卫途轮胎 于CITEXPO 展示“Tempesta Enzo ” 运动轮胎系列


卫途轮胎(Vitour Tires) 在上海CITEXPO展中,展示他们的“Tempesta Enzo” 品牌

半光滑运动型轮胎 。这家位于青岛的合约制造商完成了该高性能运动型轮胎的道路测试,在赛道驾驶情况下,提供卓越的操控性能。一共推出21种尺寸,拥有7种不同花纹款型的新轮胎系列,有着宽阔的纵向沟槽和高刚性的胎肩设计。 

Tempesta Enzo 采用受赛车启发的技术,在干地和湿地制动与拐弯时提供最大的抓地力。  ”卫途轮胎销售经理Flora Fans在该中国一年一度的展会中表示。 

随着道路测试成功后,此新轮胎系列已经可出口到海外和在本地销售。它一致性的轮胎接地压痕和压力分布加强转弯性能。其敏锐性极高的定向花纹与纵向沟槽,协助提供一致性的接地面,带来顺畅驾驶。采用同样用于 赛车活动中的独特胎面复合胶,协助轮胎提供最初的抓地力。 






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