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Webmax Mobile App Improves Business for Prowheels

Webmax app is user friendly and provide critical data like stock levels and prices at your fingertips.

Prowheels Invest in Webmax Mobile App  

The popular Webmax Accounting Software (formerly known as eMax), which is also accessible as a mobile app on smartphones, is a boon for automotive servicing and retail businesses such as Prowheels (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.  

Prowheels Finance Director Mohd Majdi Ramlee said the Webmax app was user-friendly and provided critical data like stock levels and prices ‘at your fingertips’.  “We have both trading and retail businesses, and Webmax is suitable for them. In trading, what is important is that you could track your debt and stock levels, and it must be easy for the salespeople to deliver products and information to our customers. In retail, the information must also be instantly available. Our customers need to know about stock availability and prices. If the stock is not available, they would like to know when they could get the stock,” said Mohd Majdi.  

The Webmax system is geared towards tyre, vehicle after-sales, automotive and related industries, and offered by Synermax Consulting Pte Ltd and its Malaysian partner Webmax Techonogies Sdn Bhd. Webmax is a web-based (also accessible as a mobile app) ordering, invoicing, stock controlling and GST ready accounting software. It is the top-selling cloud-based accounting software for three years and accepted as the most trusted and comprehensive software of its kind in the market.  

Mohd Majdi explained that he found Webmax to be particularly suitable for Prowheels, which operates vehicle service workshops and tyre service centres, with five outlets in Alor Setar, Kedah.    

The Prowheels workshops provide tyre services like alignment, balancing, camber, caster as well as changing gear and brake fluids, vehicle and air-conditioning repairs, car battery replacement and fitment of sport rims.  

On average, Prowheels workshops service 100 vehicles per day and the group is also the panel workshop for various government agencies and departments. The company also has an automotive product distribution arm, which deals in Zeta tyres from Sentury Tire (Thailand) and Lubrex, a leading lubricants brand in the UAE.   

“Currently, we have 120 dealers all over Malaysia,” said Mohd Majdi, who recalled that a client had recommended Webmax to Prowheels. “Before using Webmax, we had a big headache with the system we were using – it was not compatible with our business. We have a few branches and if the branches’ reports could not be integrated, we get the wrong information. What determines whether your business could go forward or not is your system. Because if your system could not provide you with accurate information, you could not make the right decision,” he said.   

He added that previously Prowheels appointed a consultant to develop a customised system, which did not deliver what the group needed. “We wanted one system that could cater to various departments – human resources, sales, warehouse and many others.”  

Mohd Majdi said Webmax resolved the major issues faced by Prowheels, although there were still small issues to be looked at. Webmax has features such as searching and locating the latest service records of the vehicle, vehicle servicing checklist, viewing the latest selling prices, service reminder and CRM (customer relationship management).  

Benefits for users include real-time continuous monitoring of data to ensure that the business processes are running effectively and accurately as well as retrieval of information to help resolve business issues. In addition, all the data is protected and backed up automatically. Add-on modules are available for those who want to control or monitor business outlets from a central base as well as those who need B2B, SMS reminder, rebate/incentive functions and retreading, or owners of multiple business entities and different company names.   

For many companies, the rebate/incentive module is seen as particularly useful as it allows users to streamline and automate their rebate/incentive process. The rebate/incentive module is fast, efficient and accurate in calculating, monitoring and managing the rebate and incentive earnings.  

For suppliers, it helps to manage and calculate rebates owing, while for buyers, it helps in managing agreed rebates on behalf of suppliers or to validate what is owed to them in real time. The rebate/incentive module could generate a report, which allows business owners to have target achievement details at their fingertips for better management and control, thus saving time and manpower.  

With the added consolidated feature, users could easily view sales, stock and gross profit of their respective companies on a single window for convenience. Webmax could also be accessed on all devices including the iPad, iPhone or Android devices at any time and place through the mobile app platform.  

Users could view data on-the-go and run their business conveniently via their smartphones. Owners or sales personnel could check stock availability even when they are not in the workshop, create new sales order easily via the app, view the company’s monthly sales report, cash and bank account balances, sales orders by the day and customers’ details.

Besides the standard Webmax Accounting Software package, customised solutions according to the requirements and needs of users could also be developed.  

Synermax and Webmax Technologies have more than 18 years of industry experience in building cost-effective web-based and mobile workplace solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). While Webmax is aimed at automotive workshop operators, tyre and rim retailers and wholesalers, it is also applicable in many sectors including retreading, trading, wholesaling and transportation.



助力Prowheels 改善业务 


广受欢迎的Webmax会计软件(之前称为eMax),如今也能透过智能手机的应用程序来运作,提高了汽车服务及零售业的素质,比如Prowheels (马)私人有限公司。 

Prowheels财务总监莫玛兹里(Mohd Majdi Ramlee)表示,Webmax应用程序容易使用,让关键数据触手可及。“我们拥有贸易及零售业务,而Webmax适合我们。在贸易方面,最重要的无非是你能够追踪你的债务和库存水平,而且它必须能够让销售人员快速地为客户提供产品和信息。在零售方面也一样,要能快速取得有关的信息。我们的客户需要知道库存情况和价格。如果没有存货,他们想要知道什么时候会有货。” 













Synermax和Webmax 科技在开发和建立适合中小型企业网基工作场所解决方案方面,拥有超过18年的丰富经验。Webmax是专为汽车修车厂营运者、轮胎及轮辋零售商及批发商所研发,也适合用于许多行业包括轮胎翻新、培训、批发及运输业。







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