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Westlake ZuperAce Z-007 Received TÜV SÜD Test Mark

Westlake ZuperAce Z-007, the newly introduced flagship tyre, has received the TÜV SÜD Test Mark.

Westlake ZuperAce Z-007 Passed TÜV Mark Certification 

TÜV SÜD, the internationally renowned testing organisation, conducted a test at ZC Rubber’s request in March and April 2022, which confirmed its outstanding performance. The German TÜV SÜD test mark stands for very high quality and safety standards. The extensive project encompassed all standard tests on wet and dry roads, including aquaplaning in straight line, wet braking, wet handling, dry braking, dry handling, rolling resistance, rolling noise, and highspeed test. 

Westlake ZuperAce Z-007 exceeded all the TÜV limit criteria set by its main competitors’ test results, demonstrating impressive performance, especially in wet performance and noise level. It outperforms the limit value by 8 per cent in wet grip and braking performance and 7 per cent in straight-line aquaplaning, showing good control and precision on wet surfaces. It is also significantly superior in terms of rolling noise, with a noise performance that is 10 per cent higher than the limit value.

Compared with their predecessor, the Westlake ZuperAce Z-007 offered a higher level of balance in comfort, grip, and handling that end users have always been looking for. ZC Rubber is delighted that the new flagship tyre has been certified by the German TÜV SÜD test. It is a landmark and a testament to the outstanding quality of their tyres. The Westlake ZuperAce Z-007 is available in a range of 17″- 22″-sizes for the European market from June 2022. It will be fully introduced globally in the second half of 2022.


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