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Westlake ZuperAce Z-007 UHP Tyre Debuts in Malaysia

Westlake ZuperAce Z-007 UHP Tyre

Westlake Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd recently launched its new Westlake ZuperAce Z-007 Ultra High Performance (UHP) tyre for the local market.

Westlake ZuperAce Z-007 Obtains TÜV SÜD Mark Certification

With the tagline of ‘Performing is Coming Your Way’, it clearly describes the features and characteristics of this new tyre that is designed specifically to meet the demands of performance-oriented drivers.

“Certified by the independent institute TÜV SÜD Germany, the ZuperAce Z-007 was awarded the TÜV SÜD Mark Certification at the recently concluded Tire Cologne 2022. This means the new tyre has fulfilled all relevant safety requirements including wet and dry safety, high-speed durability, noise and rolling resistance,” said Managing Director Tan Heong Thong.

The ZuperAce Z-007, he continued, was a UHP tyre with strong overall performance. Featuring large continuous blocks and scaled grooves with bevelled edges for improved handling and grip performance, he said the new tyre was made with specially formulated non-petrochemical renewable green compound rubber.

With its innovative technological advances, he claimed that the ZuperAce Z-007 out- performed the previous generation of UHP products in every way. It delivered enhanced quietness, grip and handling performance, thanks to its all-around tyre structure upgrade with core technologies from Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co, Ltd.

“The 24 Soundbolt Arrays technology and NVH (Noise, Vibration and harshness) simulation optimised pitch pattern to achieve the lowest tyre noise level. With the Belt Pre-stress Obtain Technology (BPOT), the tyre’s footprint and high-speed handling performance are optimised, and has better contact pressure distribution for longer mileage and improved heat dispersion efficiency that leads to less deformation and extended durability. Its super hybrid rubber compound provides faster water drainage, enhanced grip and braking performance. The use of BPOT technology, Hybrid Silane and Nonometer Mixing Technology complement the ultra-high particle size nano-silica with high density for better wear resistance and increased mileage while reducing fuel consumption.”

The new ZuperAce Z-007 is now available in 35 dimensions, across a range from 17-inch to 22-inch at all Westlake authorised tyre dealers.

Established in 1958, Zhongche Rubber ranks number nine of the top 75 global tyre manufacturers in 2021, with products covering six continents an more than 160 countries and regions.


威狮 ZuperAce Z-007 UHP 轮胎



威狮行销 (马来西亚)私人有限公司近日为本地市场推出全新的威狮 ZuperAce Z-007 超高性能 (UHP) 轮胎。以“Performing is Coming Your Way” 为标语,清楚描述了这款专为满足以性能为导向的驾驶员需求而设计的新轮胎特性。

董事经理陈贤通表示:“通过独立的技术监督协会组织南德意志集团(TÜV SÜD) 的检测,ZuperAce Z-007 在最近结束的 2022年科隆国际轮胎展(Tyre Cologne 2022) 获颁 TÜV SÜD 标志认证。这意味着这款新轮胎满足了所有相关的安全要求,包括干地和湿地行驶安全、高速耐磨性、噪音和滚动阻力。”

他继续说,ZuperAce Z-007 是一款整体性能强劲的超高性能轮胎。他说,该款新轮胎采用连贯大花纹块和斜边鳞状胎沟,提高轮胎的操控性和抓地力。他说,新轮胎是采用特殊的非石化可再生绿色复合胶特配方制成的。

采用创新技术的ZuperAce Z-007,在各个方面都优于上一代超高性能产品。杭州中策橡胶有限公司的核心技术,对该款轮胎的结构进行了全方位升级,提高了静音性、抓地力和操控性。

“24个消音栓阵(24 Soundbolt Arrays) 技术和 NVH(噪音、振动和粗糙度)模拟,优化了轮胎花纹节距,带来最低的轮胎噪音。通过胎冠自适应稳定专利技术 (BPOT),优化轮胎足迹和高速超控性能,提供更好的接地压力分布,延长行驶里程并具有更好的轮胎散热,从而减少轮胎变形和延长耐用性。其超级混合复合胶可提供更快的排水速度、增强的抓地力和制动性能。 BPOT技术、混合硅烷和纳米混合技术的使用,使超高粒径纳米二氧化硅胶拥有更高的密度,提供更好的耐磨性和增加轮胎的里程数,同时降低油耗。”

所有威狮授权轮胎代理商如今都有出售新款 ZuperAce Z-007,共推出 35 种尺寸,范围从 17 寸至 22 寸。


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