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Wonder Internation Holds First Wonderful Car Service Event

Wonder Internation Car Service Event

Guests were given a live demonstration of the functions of Wonder tyre servicing equipment during the Wonderful Car Service event.

Wonderful Car Service Event Brings Wonder’s Products Closer to Customers

Wonder Internation Sdn Bhd held its first Wonderful Car Service event on 28th June, 2019 at the company’s new multi-function service centre located at its headquarters in Bandar Bukit Puchong, Selangor.

Invited guests included customers, car club members as well as members of the Selangor & Federal Territory Tyre Dealers & Retreaders Association. To make the event more interesting, Wonder also invited its close business partners to display their products. Those who participated were Westlake tyre, KW Absorber, Hi-Rev and Caltex Havoline engine oils. Tan Heong Thong, Managing Director of Westlake Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd, was invited to present a talk on tyre knowledge.

Set up early this year, the new multi-function service centre is equipped with the latest Sice tyre changers and balancers as well as Wonder wheel alignment machines. Guests were given a live demonstration of the functions of the equipment for them to understand in detail how important it was to use quality equipment to achieve accurate results, especially in balancing and wheel alignment. Well trained staff members were also on hand to provide further explanation.

Wonder Internation Managing Director Allen Hsu said: “This is the first time we organised this event to bring our products closer to the market and interact with our tyre shop customers and motorists. We are also glad that our business partners joined us to add more variety to the event. After this first experience, we would organise another similar event soon but on a much bigger scale.”

The event ended with a lucky draw where many winners walked away happily with prizes.

“We are going to add two new businesses. The first is to distribute high quality Taiwanese brake pads and brake discs at competitive prices.  We already have customers from the VW club who have used our products and shared their positive feedback with us. Secondly, we are running the Ultra Racing safety bar service in our service centre. The Ultra Racing safety bar addresses a safety concern for drivers. It makes a car more stable and safe and is highly recommended by car clubs.”

万达国际首次主办Wonderful 汽车服务活动

万达国际汽车仪器制造有限公司于2019年6月28日在该公司位于雪兰莪Bandar Bukit Puchong全新多功能服务中心,首次主办Wonderful汽车服务活动。

受邀的嘉宾包括客户、汽车俱乐部成员、以及雪兰莪与联邦直辖区轮胎代理与复新同业公会会员。万达也邀请它关系密切的商业伙伴展示他们的产品。参与的公司包括威狮轮胎、KW 避震器、Hi-Rev及Caltex Havoline引擎油。威狮行销(马)私人有限公司陈贤通也受邀分享轮胎知识。

该公司今年刚刚设立了一个全新的多功能服务中心,配备最先进的Sice 轮胎拆装机和平衡机,以及万达四轮定位仪。万达在当天提供现场机器功能示范,让与会者了解采用优质设备以达到准确的轮胎平衡与四轮定位结果非常重要。该公司训练有素的员工 也在场提供更进一步的解释。



“我们将会增添两个新业务。第一就是就是经销价格具有竞争力的高品质台湾制动片和制动盘。目前,已经有大众汽车俱乐部成员使用过我们的产品,反馈良好。第二,我们的服务中心将为Ultra Racing行车安全杆提供服务。Ultra Racing行车安全杆关注驾驶人的安全。它使车子更为稳定和安全,深受汽车俱乐部推崇。”

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