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Wonder Internation Launches New Multi-Function Service Centre at Puchong HQ

The priority of this new multi-function service centre is not for profit but mainly to introduce Wonder‘s range of products to the motoring public.

Regular Trainings at Wonder New Multi-Function Service Centre

Wonder Internation Sdn Bhd, the leading wheel alignment equipment manufacturer and distributor from Taiwan, introduced a new multi-function service centre at its headquarters in Bandar Bukit Puchong, Selangor recently. 

The new multi-function service centre, which occupies a portion of the company’s current spacious showroom, is equipped with Sice tyre changer and balancer with Wonder W-A-009 wheel aligner. Currently, the centre provides tyre and lubricant change services. Selected products on sale are Westlake tyres and Caltex and Hi-Rev lubricants. Targeted at the neighbourhood area, the new multi-function centre requires appointments to be made and does not serve walk-in customers.  

Managing Director Allen Hsu explained: “The priority of this multi-function service centre is not for profit but mainly to introduce our range of products to the motoring public so that consumers would know the features of Wonder’s equipment. This exercise also allows our technical team, who normally only deal with workshop owners, to interact directly with consumers to understand their needs and requirements. This would help us understand the challenges that our workshop owners are facing.” 

Hsu added that the second purpose of this multi-function service centre was for the company to organise regular training for its local and overseas customers. 

“We realised that some of our overseas customers lack basic proper wheel alignment know-how such as how to inflate tyres properly, check the chassis and apply the correct alignment techniques. This results in unfounded complaints that our equipment is not good but in fact they are not properly trained in providing good wheel alignment. After we provided them with the proper training, they were able to achieve good alignment results. Therefore, training and educating our customers are very important.” 

Hsu shared that the company’s main focus for 2019 was to provide better customer experience so that customers would always remember it. As such, the company was on a recruitment drive to expand its sales, customer service and technical team. 

The company recently launched a new wheel alignment machine W-A-009. This new and original unit design from Wonder is equipped with 6 cameras. All the cameras could be auto-lifted and automatically search the targets. With its adjustable beam length, the W-A-009 aligner is compatible with various car models, including electric cars. It could be used in any workplace such as a pit, on a scissor lift, four-post lift, among others. Its main feature is the no rolling compensation. 

“In the case of camera damage, we would replace the damaged camera instead of repairing it, which reduces the downtime,” he added.





万达国际汽车仪器制造有限公司,领先的台湾车轮定位仪制造及经销商,近日推介其位于雪州Bandar Bukit Puchong总部的新多功能服务中心。





徐崇祐表示,该公司2019 年的重点放在提供更好的客户体验,以便客户会经常记得这份经验。因此,该公司目前正在“召兵买马”,扩展其销售、客户服务及技术团队。




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