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Wonder Internation Take Wheel Alignment System to Next Level

Wonder Internation, one of the leading automotive servicing equipment manufacturers in Malaysia, has introduced the Taiwan-technology 3 cameras and 5 cameras tyre aligners to Malaysia and the Southeast Asian market. The company is based in Bandar Bukit Puchong.

Wonder Internation Introduce New Wheel Aligner

Managing Director Allen Hsu said the 3 cameras and 5 cameras alignment machines could provide fast and accurate wheel alignment jobs.

The 3 cameras aligner product range includes the 3D TW909, 3D TW899M and 3D TW399A models while the 5 cameras aligner systems are the 5D TW999 and WD 5D007. 

Currently, most tyre workshops in the market use the 2 cameras alignment tools, which require a lot of calibration and levelling work.

Hsu said due to the advancement of technology, the new 3D and 5D alignment systems were calibration free for the equipment’s lifetime.

“Normally, for the 2 cameras aligner, it would take 30 to 45 minutes to do the calibration. For the 3 cameras and 5 cameras systems, when we change spare-parts or the camera, they could continue to provide accurate alignment jobs without the need to redo the calibration,” he added.

No Levelling Requirement

Besides that, unlike the 2D alignment systems, the 3D and 5D aligners require no vehicle levelling because the camera could do the levelling itself. The new wheel aligners are also fully mobile around the workshop.

“Our new aligners could do the alignment in the air and don’t need the double scissors alignment lift. It helps the workshops to save cost and space. Using the 3D and 5D aligners fulfils the latter as they are suitable for use in compact areas.”

Zero Downtime

The 3D and 5D liners are an all-in-one system in that they each consists of an electric board, computer and camera. Once the camera or spare-part breaks down, the company would remove the component and substitute with a ‘temporary’ camera.

“We would bring the broken down component back to repair. Therefore, there is zero downtime for the workshops that purchase our products.”

And the most exciting part is that the price of the 2 cameras and 3 cameras wheel alignment systems is the same.

“We are the manufacturer and doing the R&D in Taiwan. All the components are imported from Taiwan and assembled in Malaysia. Hence, we could provide a very competitive price that is lower than the market rate by about 50 per cent.”

Malaysia as a Regional Hub

Wonder Internation is eyeing the Southeast Asian and Asian wheel alignment system markets such as Myanmar, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines with Malaysia positioned as a regional hub.

“In Malaysia, we have dealers in Perak and Sabah. We hope to get more loyal dealers in the future. For the regional markets, we are targeting to have a dealer in each country and increasing sales by 30 per cent this year.”

In line with the company’s expansion plans in Southeast Asia, Wonder Internation aims to actively participate in various major trade shows in the region.


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