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Wuxi I-Reach Technology Highlights Sealant Tyre at CAPAS 2019

I-Reach passenger car sealant tyre are available from 13 to 22 inches.

I-Reach Sealant Tyre Provides Safety

Joining Chengdu International Trade Fair for Automotive Parts and Aftermarket Services (CAPAS) for the first time, Wuxi I-Reach Technology Co Ltd highlighted its sealant tyre and related technologies.

“We started as Michelin’s raw material supplier before we ventured into developing sealant tyre. I-Reach Technology was established in 2012 and since then, road safety has always been at the core of the company,” said Vice General Manager Xu Jin Hu.

With a research and development (R&D) team made up of the most capable and experienced professionals from the Military Research Institute, the company’s 5 years of efforts finally paid off with the new 4th generation i-sealing technology. Leveraged on the globalisation supply chain, R&D capability as well as the utilisation of Michelin and Bridgestone’s co-line production tyres, the company claimed that it had given tyres a new value and life with its 4th generation i-sealing technology.

Inside every I-Reach sealant tyre, Xu said, was an MPN self-sealing coating, which could withstand high temperatures up to 170◦C and low temperature down to -40 ◦C. The coating would seal small holes caused by sharp objects up to 6mm diameter.

“It was tested and proven that our i-sealing technology coating could seal a wound in the tread area up to 10cm to avoid tyre burst. In short, our sealant tyre is quiet, helps to reduce vibration and prevents sudden air loss of pressure to ensure safe journey.”

Xu revealed that the company had an average yearly output of one million tyres. The company also supplied Original Equipment (OE) tyres to Dongfeng and FAW in China.

“Although we cover from motorcycle, passenger car, new energy vehicle, truck and bus to military vehicle, passenger car sealant tyre still contribute significantly to our total sales. Sizes are available from 13 to 22 inches.”

Through a variety of product demonstrations, interactive presentations and games during the show, the company explained how its sealant tyres could enhance road safety by preventing tyre damage, especially when driving over sharp debris at high speeds.


无锡安睿驰科技CAPAS 2019




“我们从米其林原材料供应商起家,后来才着手研发自修复轮胎。自2012年我们研发了I-Reach科技 起,道路安全就一直公司的核心主业。”总经理许金虎表示。 



“经试验证明,我们轮胎内的i- Sealing技术的保护涂层,能够抵抗不大于10cm的轮胎胎面创口而不爆胎。简而言之,我们的自修复轮胎可降噪减震,避免轮胎突然漏气,确保旅途安全。” 

许金虎透露,公司平均年产1百万条轮胎,也为中国的东风和一汽(FAW)提供原配胎 。 

“虽然我们的产品包含摩托车、轿车胎、新能源汽车、卡车及巴士及军用车辆,但轿车自修复轮胎仍占总产量的最大部分,尺寸从13至22 寸。” 



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