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Yokohama Drivers Earn Multiple Wins/Records at Pikes Peak on ADVAN Tyres

Yokohama ADVAN Tyres
Yokohama had another successful outing on the mountain. Led by first-place division winners Laura Hayes, Dani Sordo, David Donohue and Cole Powelson, Yokohama drivers claimed five of the top 10 overall spots on ADVAN tyres at the 102nd Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Yokohama ADVAN Tyres

Hayes, who won the Pikes Peak GT4 Trophy by Yokohama division in a Toyota GR Supra GT4 fitted with ADVAN A052 tyres, became the fastest female up the mountain in a car with a record-breaking time of 10:20.487. Yokohama is the exclusive tyre supplier of the Pikes Peak GT4 Trophy by Yokohama div...

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