Yokohama Rubber Introduces Advan dB V553

Yokohama Rubber Advan dB V553
Yokohama Rubber Advan dB V553
The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd introduced the newest tyre to its lineup—the Advan dB V553 is a premium comfort tyre that will provide a superbly quiet ride throughout its useful lifespan.

Yokohama Advan dB V553 Offers 46 Sizes

The Advan dB V553 initially will be launched in Japan and Asian markets from February 2024. Yokohama Rubber plans to provide the new tyre in 46 sizes, ranging from 225/45R21 95W to 155/65R14 75H.

The Advan dB V553, a successor to the Advan dB V552,  unveiled in 2017. The new tyre was developed under the concept of a “premium comfort tyre with sustainably superb qui...

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