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Yokohama Rubber’s Advan & Geolandar Tyres Come OE on New Mazda CX-60

The Yokohama Rubber Co, Ltd is supplying its Advan V61 and Geolandar X-CV tyres as original equipment (OE) to Mazda’s new crossover SUV CX-60.

Yokohama Secures OE Fitment for Madza New Crossover SUV 

The sales of which were launched in Europe, Japan and other markets in September 2022. The tyre sizes being supplied include 235/60R18 103V and 235/60R18 107V Advan V61 tyres and 235/60R18 103H Geolandar X-CV tyres.

The Advan V61 tyre being supplied as OE is a high-performance tyre in Yokohama’s global flagship Advan brand. The tyre is said to contribute to the Mazda CX-60’s superior handling performance while providing a comfortable and quiet ride for everyone in the cabin. In addition, the Advan V61 is described as ‘highly wear resistant and displaying exceptional hydroplaning resistance that provides superior wet grip performance’. The tyre also achieves low rolling resistance, a feature usually considered incompatible with these other characteristics……

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横滨橡胶株式会社为于2022年9月在欧洲、日本和其他市场开始销售的马自达新款跨界休旅车(SUVCX-60车型,提供Advan V61和Geolanda X-CV作为原装配备(OE)轮胎。此配套包括 Advan V61轮胎的235/60R18 103V 和 235/60R18 107V 尺寸,还有Geolandar X-CV轮胎的235/60R18 103H尺寸

作为原厂配备轮胎供应的Advan V61 轮胎是横滨全球旗舰Advan品牌的高性能轮胎。据说该轮胎有助于马自达 CX-60的卓越操控性能,同时为座舱的每个人提供舒适和安静的乘坐体验。此外,Advan V61 被描述为高度耐磨并具有出色的抗滑水性,可提供卓越的湿地抓地性能。轮胎还实现了通常被认为与其他特性不相容的低滚动阻力…..。


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