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ZC Rubber’s AT552 and AZ599 Truck Tyres Verified by SmartWay

ZC Rubber’s Arisun AT552 and Westlake AZ599 have been verified by the U.S EPA’s SmartWay program as low rolling resistance tyres.

Two ZC Rubber Truck Tyres Earn Smartway Designation 

The award was recognised for low rolling resistance tyres that deliver fuel savings and environmental benefits for fleet customers. Both tyres were developed specifically for the North American market. The Arisun AT552 is a premium trailer tyre designed for intermodel chassis. It offers a variety of features that fleets are looking for which are high quality, low rolling resistance, fuel efficiency and outstanding cost per mile performance. The tyre also has an updated tread design that promises superior handling and wet traction, with specially compounding technologies and an enhanced sidewall that extends casing durability and tyre life.

The Westlake AZ599 is a next-generation steer/trailer tyre built with ZC Rubber’s latest PSCT technology. The tread pattern features four wide tread grooves and multiple siping for excellent water drainage and outstanding traction on both dry and wet conditions. The Westlake AZ599 is the first truck tyre designed based on the most advanced PSCT technology for the North American market. More ZC Rubber SmartWay certified products will be available in the future to give fleet customers high-quality, fuel-efficient tyre options.

It’s ZC Rubber’s dedication to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impacts that motivates in developing and producing low rolling resistance tyres. ZC Rubber will continue to focus on eco-friendly products to meet the growing challenge of protecting the global environment and the increased customer demand for ultimate driving experience.



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