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Zhongce Rubber Unveils Mobile Service Platform

Zhongce Rubber owns well-known tyre brands such as Chaoyang, West Lake, Arisun, Good Dribe and Trazano.

Zhongce Rubber Participates in CETEXPO 

Established in 1958, Zhongce Rubber Group Co, Ltd has been in business for more than half a century. It owns well-known tyre brands such as Chaoyang, West Lake, Arisun, Good Dribe and Trazano. Since 2012, Zhongce Rubber is ranked among the top ten tyre manufacturers in the world and has taken the lead in the domestic tyre industry. 

The company’s product line covers tyres for passenger cars, motorcycles, bicycles, ATVs, industrial engineering use, among others, and is recognised by many authoritative testing organisations. 

Zhongce Rubber unveiled its mobile service platform ‘Knowledge Wheel’ at the exhibition. During an interview, Zhongce Rubber revealed that its overall operating performance in the first half of 2019 turned out well, especially in foreign trade where it experienced short supply due to overwhelming demand from overseas markets. 

The OEM segment of the company has also grown steadily. Its semi-steel radial tyre segment broke new records in production and sales, which was not experienced for many years. With an increase of nearly 20 per cent, its range of all steel tyres maintained a relatively high growth rate. 

In line with the new development situation, Zhongce Rubber has adjusted its overall sales strategy. With the tyre industry greatly influenced by the booming of the internet, Zhongce Rubber says it would continue to explore this new area during its advance.






中策橡胶携旗下移动服务平台“知轮”亮相。根据访谈得知,中策于 2019 上半年的总体经营状况表现良好,特别是外贸方面更为显著,轮胎产品供不应求。 

配套方面总体平稳增长,半钢子午轮胎呈现了多年未见的产销两旺的双赢局面,增加近 20% 的业绩,全钢轮胎则也保持了较高速度的增长。 





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