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A Night to Remember with Giti and Kit Loong: ‘The Gyration Workshop’

Giti Kit Loong Gyration Workshop

Held at the Glasshouse Seputeh in the heart of Kuala LumpurThe Gyration Workshop attracted about 200 attendees.

Kit Loong Tyre Commercial Group is Now Giti Tire Autorised Retread Partner in Malaysia

Giti Tire announced Kit Loong Tyre Commercial Group as its Malaysian authorised retread partner during an exciting and informative Gyration Workshop event on 26th March, 2019. The key objectives of the event were to introduce to customers how to maximise the value of their tyres as well as emphasise the sustainability of the tyre partnership between Giti Tire and Kit Loong. Held at the Glasshouse Seputeh in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, about 200 guests attended the workshop during the night. Attendees had the opportunity to understand more about tyre-related technical knowledge as well as professional selling in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Experts from Giti and Kit Loong conducted the workshop through educating tyre application by vehicle segmentation and explaining the importance of practical fleet diagnosis affecting proper tyre application. The participants also learned several essential topics about tyre structure, how a special formula rubber compound affects rolling resistance and the importance of tyre maintenance, pressure, tread depth monitoring, tyre rotation and alignment. They also had the opportunity to experience the concept first-hand with demonstration tools during the workshop. Matthew Wai, Giti Tire Malaysia Country Manager, explained that ‘Kit Loong has always been at the forefront of the industry and is renowned for being the leading one-stop tyre management solution provider. Therefore, we believe this new heightened partnership outlines added brand confidence to our customers’.

The positive sentiments were also shared by Kenneth Teh, Managing Director of the Kit Loong Tyre Commercial Group. “As an expert provider of commercial tyre services, we understand the importance of a good tyre brand and its casing in order to lower the operation costs to fleet users. I was overwhelmed with the positive response from our customers and the night has brought great memories and potential ahead with the premium leading brand,” Teh said.

佳通与吉隆的难忘之夜:“The Gyration ”工作坊

佳通轮胎在2019年3月26日令人兴奋和充满资讯的Gyration工作坊当晚,宣布吉隆轮胎商业集团为其马来西亚授权翻胎伙伴。 该工作坊的主要目的是向客户介绍如何 充分利用他们的轮胎,还有强调佳通轮胎与吉隆之间的可持续性伙伴关系。约有200名嘉宾参与这个在吉隆坡市中心士布爹玻璃屋(Glasshouse Seputeh)盛大举行的工作坊。与会者有机会在一个舒适与放松的氛围里,了解更多有关轮胎相关的技术知识和专业销售技巧。

佳通与吉隆的专家所主办的工作坊,通过教育与会者有关车辆细分的轮胎应用,解释实用车队诊断如何影响正确的轮胎应用。与会者也学习到许多有关轮胎结构的重要课题,一个独特的复合胶配方如何影响轮胎滚动阻力和轮胎养护、胎压、胎纹深度监控、轮胎对调及对准的重要性 。他们也有机会在工作坊中采用工具,亲身体验这个概念 。

佳通轮胎马来西亚经理Matthew Wai解释说;“吉隆一直走在这个行业的前沿,也是一家知名的领先轮胎管理解决方案供应商。因此,我们相信这新加强的伙伴关系增加了我们客户对品牌的信心。”

吉隆轮胎商业集团董事经理郑日勤乐观表示:“作为一家商用轮胎服务供应商, 我们了解在降低车队用户的营运方面,一个好的轮胎品牌和其胎体的重要性。我们为客户的正面反应而开心不已,而且这个夜晚带来了许多美好的记忆和对这个领先品牌的未来潜能。”

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