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Giti Launches GitiSport GTR3


Giti recently unveiled its new GitiSport GTR3 Powered by Sparco street-legal semi-slick tyre.

GitiSport GTR3 for Discerning Luxury Car Drivers

The tyre, according to the company, offers superior performance with speeds exceeding 300km/h.

Designed and developed by the Giti’s Motorsport Division, with key insights from the European Testing Team in Mira (UK), the GitiSport GTR3 uses advanced German Engineering and a motor sport-derived compound. The tyre is said to have been rigorously tested on roads and race tracks to ensure an exceptional level of grip on dry surfaces, unrivalled steering precision and enhanced braking capabilities.

“The GitiSport GTR3 is designed for a discerning segment of luxury car drivers who demand not only high-speed and superior performance capabilities, but also a tyre that strikes a balance between exhilarating racetrack performance and everyday usability. They value the thrilling experience and control that comes with a high-performance vehicle. This tyre is precisely crafted to cater to these involved needs of exploratory drivers, providing them with the confidence to master even the most demanding driving conditions,” explains Fabio Pecci, Europe Senior Product Manager……

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佳通推出GitiSport GTR3


佳通最近推出了新款的GitiSport GTR3 Powered by Sparco的合法半光头街胎。据该公司表示,此轮胎性能卓越,额定速度每小时超过300公里。

GitiSport GTR3 由佳通赛车运动部门设计和开发,并采纳了米拉(英国)欧洲测试团队的实地测试数据,应用先进的德国工程技术和源自赛车运动的复合胶。据悉该轮胎已经在道路和赛道上经过严格测试,以确保它在干燥路面上具有卓越的抓地力、无与伦比的转向精度和增强的制动能力。

欧洲高级产品经理佩奇(Fabio Pecci)解释说:“佳通GTR3专为眼光独到的豪华车驾驶者而设计,他们不仅需要高速和卓越的性能,还需要一款能够在赛道和日常用途之间取得平衡的轮胎。他们看重配备高性能车辆的激情驾趣体验和控制。这款经过精心设计的轮胎,可以满足探索性驾驶员的这些需求,让他们有信心掌握最苛刻的驾驶情况。”



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