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AISIN – The Engine Cooling Specialist

AISIN Engine Cooling Specialist

AISIN takes pride in being the Number 1 Water Pump (WP) supplier to most Japanese automobile manufacturers. Based on several years of knowledge and experience it gained developing WP for automotive manufacturers, AISIN could leverage on this technological know-how to manufacture high quality and durable WP for the aftermarket industry.

AISIN Promote Engine Cooling Options

More European and American automobile manufacturers are engaging AISIN in developing and manufacturing WP given the good reputation it gained for OEM/OES manufacturing.

According to the company, its WP is well-known for providing optimal cooling without creating an excess load to the engine using:

  1. Advanced aluminium die-casting technology that allows for size and weight reduction without sacrificing cooling performance;
  2. Highest quality materials for creating strong body design that is resistant to corrosion; and
  3. Superior technological design for optimum cooling performance and longevity to produce smooth coolant flow channels, efficient rotors, ball bearings and carbon ceramic mechanical sealing.

AISIN is also reputed as the manufacturer of the first electric water pump for cooling engine that improves fuel efficiency for Japanese hybrid vehicles. The key functional benefits are:

  • Improved installation by downsizing the electric water pump through the integration of the electrical control circuit, motor and pump;
  • Realised low-power consumption by increasing the operational efficiency of the electrical control circuit, motor and pump and by optimising their combination;
  • Avoiding over-cooling (better thermal efficiency at lower temperatures); and
  • Avoiding mechanical friction and energy losses (generated by a belt driven by the crankshaft pulley)

AISIN Long Life Coolant (LLC) is said to be suitable for most water pumps in the market especially for Aisin Water Pump produced for both OE and aftermarket. Its LLC has the following key benefits:

  • Environmental-friendly using non-amine formulation and
  • Minimising scale formulation in the engine cooling system that clogs the radiator fins;
  • Protecting against corrosion and cavitation using specially formulated additives on vital metallic parts found in the engine cooling system such as water pump, oil cooler, cylinder block, cylinder head, radiator, thermostat, hose and aftercooler.

AISIN says its high-quality LLC is compatible with most genuine OE quality conventional coolants using high-quality Japan-grade Ethylene Glycol in the coolant production.




  1. 凭借先进的铝压铸技术,爱信产品体积更小、重量更轻,冷却效果不受影响。
  2. 采用最优质的原材料,泵体更加坚固、耐腐蚀。
  1. 设计技术先进,冷却剂通路流畅,转子和轴承效率高。采用碳陶瓷机械密封,冷却效果佳,使用寿命长。


  • 透过电气控制电路、马达及泵的集成,将电动水泵的体积缩小,容易安装。
  • 优化电气控制电路、马达及水泵的结合,提高它们的运作效率,实现低电耗。
  • 避免过度冷却(在较低温度下的更好的热效率)及
  • 避免机械摩擦和能源流失(由曲轴皮带轮驱动的皮带产生)


  • 采用非胺配方,相当环保
  • 将堵塞散热器的引擎冷却系统规模最小化
  • 在引擎冷却系统如水泵、油冷却器、缸体、缸头、散热器、恒温器、软管及后冷却器的重要金属部件上采用独特配方的添加剂,防止泵腐蚀和泵空化。


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