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AllSeasonContact Enjoys Successful 2022 With Top Rankings in Tyre Tests


It has been a successful 2022 for the Continental AllSeasonContact.

AllSeasonContact Tyre Posts Five Top-Three Finishes in Tyre Tests 2022

The all-season tyre has racked up a series of wins in independent tyre tests, such as the head-to-head comparison conducted by Gute Fahrt magazine alongside various competitors.

“With the AllSeasonContact, we adopted a whole new approach that eradicates existing weaknesses of all-season tyres,” says Continental tyre developer Andreas Schlenke. “We’re delighted that the reliability and premium quality of our AllSeasonContact have been recognised and commended by tyre testers in this way. For our experts, these ratings and awards represent a further endorsement of their work.”

port auto ranks the “very good” AllSeasonContact in third place

In November 2022, sport auto Deutschland tested six all-season tyres in 235/35 R19 91 Y format fitted on a Hyundai i30N. The tyres’ snow handling was examined in Finland and their dry handling at the Contidrom in Hanover. sport auto handed the AllSeasonContact the rating “very good” for its excellent traction and controllable driving characteristics on snow-covered surfaces. In their assessments, the testers drew particular attention to the tyre’s excellent grip, its aquaplaning performance and its secure handling in the dry.

Auto Straßenverkehr – “very good” rating for the AllSeasonContact

Six tires in size 235/35 R19, including the AllSeasonContact from Continental, were subjected to more stringent examination by the Auto Straßenverkehr team on a Hyundai i30N driven over snow-covered surfaces, roads drenched by rain and dry asphalt. The result was a “very good” verdict in acknowledgement of the tyre’s fine traction and its easy controllability on snow. The testers were also impressed by the AllSeasonContact’s high level of grip, low rolling resistance and secure handling on dry asphalt.

AutoBild Allrad – third place for the AllSeasonContact

In October 2022, AutoBild Allrad put 11 all-season tyres under the microscope, teaming up with an Asian tyre manufacturer for the wet and dry tests in Papenburg and Idiada, and with SHPG in New Zealand for the snow test. The tyres – all in size 225/50 R18 – were fitted to a BMW X1 for the job in hand. AutoBild Allrad noted the high level of aquaplaning safety of the AllSeasonContact, its dynamic handling properties in wet conditions and its low rolling resistance, finding it to be a well balanced premium product with unbeatable winter characteristics and handing it the rating “good”.

AllSeasonContact described as “recommended” in the ACE tyre test

The ACE (Auto Club Europa) got together with Germany’s GTÜ technical inspection organisation and the ARBÖ mobility association in Austria to scrutinise the abilities of nine all-season tyres in 205/55 R17 95 V format – among them the AllSeasonContact from Continental – on a VW T-Cross. The tyres were tested in Finland and Spain, in cooperation with a Scandinavian tire manufacturer. The AllSeasonContact gave a compelling demonstration of its abilities, thanks both to its exceptional snow handling and its performance in wet conditions; it was duly awarded second place and the rating “recommended”.

AllSeasonContact placed in the top four by British-based YouTube outlet Tyre Reviews

British YouTuber Jonathan Benson has become a well known figure on the platform through his Tyre Reviews outlet. His tyre test for 2022 – released on his YouTube channel and website – shone the spotlight on 10 all-season tyres in 225/45 R17 94V/W format fitted on a VW Golf 7. Benson hooked up with another tyre maker to run the tests in Finland and France. The result was an assessment of “recommended” for the AllSeasonContact, reflecting its fine handling in the wet and dry, low rolling resistance, and adept handling and braking ability in snow.

Autozurnal awards the AllSeasonContact third place

In October 2022, Slovakian magazine Autozurnal challenged ten all-season tyres in 205/55 R16 format to demonstrate their handling attributes on dry, wet and snow-covered roads. The AllSeasonContact stepped up to secure third place on snow and took the bronze award in each of the braking, traction and handling categories.

The AllSeasonContact is available in 14-, 15-, 16-, 17-, 18-, 19- and 20-inch sizes and also makes an ideal solution for electric vehicles. With its innovative composition of tread design, rubber compound, tyre contour and tyre construction, the AllSeasonContact represents a milestone in the history of modern all-season tyres.

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