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Apollo Tyres to Launch All-Season Vredestein EV Tyre

EV Tyre

Apollo Tyres has confirmed that it will launch an all-new, all-season Vredestein premium tyre specifically for electric vehicles (EVs) later in in 2022.

Apollo Tyres-sponsored 1000 Miglia Green

To ensure the product meets the needs of a wide range of plug-in vehicles, Apollo Tyres is collaborating closely with leading car manufacturers and has implemented a major new research and development programme. The company is currently evaluating the new Vredestein tyre through computer simulation and at dedicated hot- and cold-weather test facilities around the world.

The Vredestein premium tyre brand has been at the forefront of the all-season market since its inception in the early 1990s, and Apollo Tyres continues to draw upon its knowledge of winter and summer tyres to produce award-winning four-season products that retain premium performance capabilities whatever the conditions. This all-season expertise is now being harnessed to bring new levels of innovation to the EV tyre segment.

The news follows completion of the fourth official 1000 Miglia Green tour, sponsored by Apollo Tyres, which follows in the tracks of the iconic four-day 1000 Miglia classic car rally in Italy and showcases a variety of electric vehicles.

“The vast majority of EVs currently in production are fitted as standard with tyres that have not been specifically developed for EVs,” comments Daniele Lorenzetti, Chief Technology Officer at Apollo Tyres. “Provided the dimensions, load index and speed rating are correct for the car, any Vredestein-brand tyre will be suitable for use on any EV, and we receive very positive feedback from drivers who fit our tyres to their EVs. However, as the EV market becomes better established, it is logical that car manufacturers and customers consider the potential benefits of tyres developed specifically for EVs.”

There are a number of factors specific to EVs that are having a growing influence on future tyre development, explains Lorenzetti. “Compared to cars with combustion engines, EVs typically weigh more, generate higher torque from standstill and deliver greater straight-line acceleration. Together, these factors place increased loads on the tyre.

“In addition, because EVs create little noise from the powertrain, other sources of noise – including the tyres – become more noticeable within the cabin. Many EV owners also value any means by which they can maximise driving range between charges, so rolling resistance becomes an even more important requirement.”

Lorenzetti continues: “We have explored new approaches to design and the use of advanced materials for the structure and tread compound. It means we expect to deliver a premium-quality Vredestein EV tyre that offers a number of important class-leading attributes.

“Being able to draw upon the experience of a European R&D team with an innovation-focused culture has been invaluable. It has already helped us secure multiple awards in independent group tests and maintain a leading position in the all-season segment, and it will continue to pay dividends as we implement the pre-production testing phase for the new EV tyre,” Lorenzetti concludes.

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