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B2All Looks to Gain Traction with AutoLIVE

B2All Gain Traction AutoLIVE

Key features of AutoLIVE Dealer Pro include jobsheets, service reminders, an appointment tool, quotations, Vehicle Master, just to name a few.

AutoLIVE Dealer Pro – An Effective CRM & Marketing Platform

B2All Solution Sdn Bhd, incorporated in 2018, was co-founded by Vincent Tan and Leon Loke. Tan, with 15 years’ experience in software engineering, is the force behind the development of a range of comprehensive technological solutions, of which AutoLIVE is the key development for the automotive sector. Leon Loke is also no stranger to the tyre industry, boasting 10 years’ experience with a major tyre manufacturer and 16 years’ experience in tyre retailing.

B2All has identified that much needs to be done to enhance the Malaysian tyre retailing sector as a whole, and it was this that led to the development of AutoLIVE, a cloud-based platform that covers the supply chain of the automotive industry.

“We started the development of AutoLIVE in 2017,” says Vincent Tan. “Since AutoLIVE sits on a cloud-based platform, we will be able to penetrate the market from different geographical locations easily. AutoLIVE is also multilingual, being available in Behasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin.

“We believe the industry needs to focus on enhancing communication and engagement between retailers and the consumer,” he adds. “This is the core value of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We believe that only when the retailer is able to communicate effectively with customers, will he be in control of his business destiny.”

AutoLIVE Dealer Pro is an effective CRM and marketing platform which will allow the retailer to communicate effectively with customers by allowing him to send out service reminders and other targeted marketing messages to consumers with ease.

Key features of AutoLIVE Dealer Pro include jobsheets, service reminders, an appointment tool, quotations, Vehicle Master and Customer Master tools, a claims function and a goods return function.

The CRM tool provides functions for announcements, targeted marketing, market place, live share and market analytics, whilst the AutoLIVE Consumer App provides the the ability to provide service reminder notifications, service history, announcements, live quotation approval, live share and appointment.

Access to the service is via subscription which can be accessed for as little as 8 ringgit per day. The company says it already has 200 dealers in its network and is aiming to reach its first milestone of 500 members.

B2All 希望透过AutoLIVE取得吸引力

B2All Solution私人有限公司由Vincent Tan和Leon Loke于2018年共同创办。拥有15年软件工程经验的Vincent Tan是AutoLIVE全面汽车技术解决方案背后的主力 。对轮胎业者来说,Leon Loke不是陌生人,他曾在主要轮胎制造公司任职10年,并拥有16年的轮胎零售经验。


“我们在2017年时开发了AutoLIVE。由于AutoLIVE是个基于云端的平台,我们能够在不同的地理位置轻易地渗透市场。AutoLIVE有多种语言,包括马来文、英文及华语。”Vincent Tan 表示。


AutoLIVE Dealer Pro是一个有效的CRM和行销平台,能够让零售商有效地与客户沟通,发出服务提醒和其他的行销信息给消费者。


其CRM工具则提供通告、目标行销、市场、即时分享(live share) 及市场分析。而AutoLIVE 消费者应用程序可提供服务提醒通知、服务历史、通告、即时报价批准、即时分享及预约功能。


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