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Barum Celebrates 70-Year Anniversary

Barum Celebrates Anniversary

The Barum tyre brand celebrated its 70-year anniversary at The Tire Cologne.

Barum Tyre: A 70-Year Old Brand

The Barum tyre brand celebrated its 70-year anniversary at The Tire Cologne at the end of May a few weeks ago. Following its formation in 1948, the Barum brand has continued to provide reliable performance year-on-year.

The Barum brand was established after the merger of tyre manufacturers Bata, Rubana and Mitas in the city of Zlín in what is now the Czech Republic. The name Barum is made up of the initial letters of the founding companies’ names. The plant in Otrokovice was established in 1966.

Today the plant’s 4,800 or so employees turn out more than 21 million passenger car tyres and around one million truck tyres every year. That makes the company the biggest employer in and around Zlín.

Collaboration with Continental has been a crucial factor in the development of the brand. It began in 1992, initially in the shape of a joint venture, and just one year later led to Barum becoming part of the global Continental Corporation. From then on, Barum operated under the name of Barum Continental spol. s.r.o., changing to Continental Barum s.r.o. in 2012, and had access to high quality research operations and efficient high-tech tyre technology.

Today, Barum manufactures not only car, SUV, van, truck and industrial tyres, but also brake pads and discs, hoses and lines. In its anniversary year, the brand has added the all-season Barum Quartaris 5 tyre to its car and SUV range.

The Barum Quartaris, which was displayed during The Tire Cologne is an all-season product, adds optimum performance in summer to reliable performance in winter. One key technical characteristic is the tyre’s three-part tread structure, with stiff shoulder blocks for good handling properties on dry roads and a centre section with a high sipe density, optimised for winter running.

In combination with two circumferential grooves, wide shoulder notches make for effective water displacement. The new Quartaris 5 is initially available in 30 attractive sizes for 13 to 18-inch rims and with approvals for speeds of up to 240 km/h – including special SUV sizes with high load capacity and a rim protection rib.


Barum轮胎在5月底的科隆国际轮胎展(The Tire Cologne)中庆祝70周年。自1948年推出以来,Barum品牌持续提供可靠性能。

Barum品牌是捷克共和国兹林(Zlin)市的Bata、Rubana及Mitas 制造商合并后成立的品牌。Barum是以这三大公司名称的第一个字母组合而成。这个在奥特罗克维采(Otrokovice)的工厂成立于1966年。

今天该工厂拥有4,800名员工,每年生产超过2,100万条轿车胎和近1 百万卡车胎。这使该公司成为兹林市一带最大的雇主。

与马牌的合作是该品牌得以发展起来的重大因素。Barum与马牌在1992展开合作,一开始是合伙企业,一年之后Barum成为全球马牌公司的一部分。自此,Barum 以Barum Continental spol. s.r.o的名称运作,并在2012年改名为Continental Barum s.r.o和获得了高品质的研究运作和充满效率的高轮胎科技。

今天Barum不只是制造汽车、休旅车(SUV)、货车、卡车及工业轮胎,也生产制动片和制动盘、软管和软管线。在庆祝70周年之际,该品牌推出了全新,适合汽车和SUV 使用的全天候Barum Quartaris 5 轮胎。

在科隆国际轮胎展中展出的Barum Quartaris 是全天候轮胎产品,拥有优化的夏天性能和可靠的冬天性能。该轮胎的其中一个主要的技术特点包括三部分胎面结构,提供良好干地 操控的坚硬胎肩花纹块,优化冬天运跑的中间高密度刀槽花纹。

结合了两条径向沟槽,该轮胎还拥有可有效排水的宽胎肩口。全新的Quartaris 5最初推出30种规格,从13至18寸,包括特殊的SUV尺寸。轮胎速度级别最高至240 km/h,负载能力高,并具有轮辋保护肋。

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