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Bendix Gives Advice on Choosing the Right Brake Pads to Reduce Brake Fade

Bendix Brake Pads

Have you ever experienced brake fade while driving down a steep winding road?

Bendix: Brake Fading Reduce Braking Effectiveness

According to brake manufacturer Bendix, this is caused by the friction between your brakes overheating which makes the materials of the brakes. The results could mean reduced braking effectiveness or even brake dysfunction.

Brake fade, the company said occurs due to the extra weight of the object being towed, often weighing more than the brakes’ system was designed for. It can also occur in vehicles with worn or poorly adjusted brakes descending long hills.

The weight of your car, Bendix explained is also crucial in determining how your car will handle brake fading. The heavier cars such as big MPVs or SUVs will require more braking force to stop. Therefore, the car manufacturers have taken the initiative to make brakes components bigger or instead selecting suitable brake pads material to ensure the safety of the car braking performance…..

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汽车的重量也至关重要,奔德士解释说,因为它将决定该汽车如何处理刹车衰减。大型 MPV 或 SUV 等较重的汽车,需要更大的制动力才能停止。因此,汽车制造商都纷纷主动将刹车部件做大或选择合适的刹车片材料,以确保汽车制动性能的安全…..


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