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Bendix Malaysia on Maintenance on Your E-Brake

Bendix Malaysia E-Brake

E-brakes are starting to become standard fare in more modern cars, learn more about them from Bendix Malaysia

Bendix Malaysia Talks About Functions of E-Brake

In order cars, you might be used to seeing the classic cable handbrake, or footbrake. Electric parking brakes, however, are starting to become standard fare in more modern cars and often take the form of a button, close to where you would usually find the handbrake handle.

In this issue, Bendix Malaysia shares with us the function of an e-brake, and how it works as well as the importance of maintaining it.

“Generally, only acting on the rear wheels of your vehicle, the e-brake’s main function is to prevent your car from moving when parked. It can also come in handy when setting off from a standstill on an upward slope, preventing the car from rolling backwards. A lot of us have the e-brake to thank when it came to learning those dreaded hill starts. In more extreme cases, the e-brake is also for emergency braking. However, this is usually seen as a last resort as applying the e-brake in an emergency does come with its potential risks,” notes the company…..

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