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BKT and Italian Serie B’s Partnership Renewed until 2028

BKT not only helps growing the Italian Serie B football league, but also empowers the communities around it.

BKT Has Been the Title Sponsor of the Italian Serie B Football League since 2018

BKT announced on 2 July 2024 the renewal of its sponsorship as Title Sponsor of Serie BKT until 2028, thus consolidating its long-term commitment with Lega Nazionale Professionisti B (LNPB). This extension highlights BKT‘s presence and support for Italian football, by actively contributing to the growth, popularity, and development of young talents in the second professional division of the Italian men’s football league.

Since 2018, the Serie BKT has experienced remarkable growth with BKT as Title Sponsor, in terms of audience, spectators, and competitiveness. During the first six years of this partnership, BKT has brought its brand, values, and activities to 41 Italian cities.

In the upcoming sports season, four new cities will enlarge even more the territory in which the BKT Series is to be played. This territorial expansion is not just limited to growth in terms of numbers, but it deeply expands the fan base and amplifies the opportunity to engage more deeply with local communities, including BKT‘s main target audience: farmers and their families.

This growth has enabled BKTwith the support of the LNPB – to approach an ever-wider audience, enhancing the shared commitment to promoting football nationwide and to improving the sporting experience for both fans and communities, including rural ones where football can provide a gathering point and social cohesion.

Speaking of proximity and visibility, BKT‘s brand recognition among fans has grown remarkably during these first six years of Title Sponsorship. Sponsorship has, indeed, significantly contributed to increased brand awareness, an indicator that measures how informed or familiar consumers are with the products and services offered by a company. Currently, 49 per cent of the fans recognise BKT as a leading manufacturer of agricultural and earthmoving tyres, evidencing a significant evolution in brand perception compared to the early days of sponsorship.

Empowering Communities

In addition to its role as Title Sponsor, BKT has enriched the fan experience through initiatives such as the BKT Premia contest, which has had more than half a million entries (519,739) since 2020. Not only does this contest amplify the enthusiasm during game days by providing prizes ranging from official and autographed team jerseys to game balls, but it also offers unique experiences to enjoy with one’s favourite team.

Each game event turns into an opportunity for the fans to connect more deeply with their favourite team, increasing direct interaction and a sense of belonging. Not only does BKT position itself as an active sponsor through these activities, but also as a promoter of more vibrant and engaging participation in the Serie BKT, contributing significantly to positive brand visibility and image.

This commitment to active participation is also reflected in BKT‘s corporate social responsibility initiatives. A significant example is the “Fattore Campo”(field factor) project, through which BKT donates new sports and leisure spaces to the cities in the BKT Series. Not only do these efforts improve sports infrastructure, but they also enrich the quality of life of local communities by creating gathering points and social cohesion. This way, BKT extends its support far beyond the playing field, touching the daily lives of fans and their families, many of whom belong to the agricultural sector that BKT serves.

Lucia Salmaso, Managing Director of BKT Europe, in an official statement, says, “BKT‘s dedication to social initiatives such as Fattore Campo and its determination to contribute to the betterment of local communities reflect the deep commitment that has accompanied the company throughout our long-running partnership with Lega Nazionale Professionisti B. Now, we are ready to look towards the future by setting new ambitious goals, renewing our commitment to support the Italian football scene, and the world of sports in general for the coming seasons.”

In 2028, at the end of the current agreement, BKT and LNPB will be marking a full decade of partnership, positioning BKT as the longest-standing sponsor in the history of LNPB. This is indeed a significant shared goal, which also reflects the profound belief and commitment of both parties to base their relationship on a solid foundation of shared values. This kind of partnership, which goes beyond financial investment, demonstrates how shared commitment to growth and development can create mutually beneficial and deep ties, thereby empowering the sports ecosystem and its communities.

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