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BL Auto Car Care & Tyres Malaysia Highlights Sonic Storage System and Chicago Pneumatic Wrenches

BL Auto Car Care & Tyres Malaysia is ready to introduce and demonstrate Hock Lee‘s products in their premises. 

BL Auto Car Care & Tyres Malaysia Carries Various Hock Lee Products 

Being the ‘live’ showroom and training centre for Hock Lee Industries Sdn Bhd, Kepong based BL Auto Car Care & Tyre (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is ready to introduce and demonstrate Hock Lee’s products in their premises.

Operated by a husband-and-wife team, Tan Kheng Boon and Emilyn Loke, Tan runs the automotive servicing business while Emilyn looks after the automotive and tyre servicing equipment business.

 “We carry various Hock Lee products, including Rema Tip Top tyre repair materials, accessories and consumables, Mondolfo Ferro tyre shop equipment and Pasquin air hydraulic jacks. Other products include Masada garage jacks, Kuken air tools, Chicago Pneumatics air tools and Jaltest multi-brand diagnostics tools for commercial vehicles. We also carry Sonic hand tools, toolboxes and modular storage solutions, to name a few,” said Emilyn.

Sonic Storage Solution – the specialist option

In this issue of The Tyreman, Emilyn is putting a special focus on Sonic storage solution and Chicago Pneumatic air tools.

Sonic, she said, is a specialist option in uniquely filled tool storage systems, a wide range of trolleys and top boxes, as well as cabinet storage solutions. The company is also a Mercedes-Benz global technical training partner and Volkswagen AG official designated supplier. Sonic is also well experienced in collaborating in workshops for BMW, Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini and many other brands…….

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陆姵伶表示:“我们代理许多福利的产品,包括蒂普拓普(Rema Tip Top轮胎修补材料、配件及消耗品、Mondolfo Ferro 轮胎店设备和 Pasquin 气动液压千斤顶。此外,还有马萨达( Masada)修车厂千斤顶、Kuken气动工具、芝加哥气动(Chicago Pneumatic)品牌气动工具、Jaltest多品牌商用车诊断工具、所立克(Sonic)手动工具、工具箱和模块化存储解决方案等。”

所立克存储系统 –专业人员的选择





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