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Bridgestone Motorsport Awarded FIA Highest Rank Environmental Accreditation

Bridgestone motorsport FIA

Bridgestone motorsport initiatives have been awarded the Three-Star of Environmental Accreditation from FIA.

Bridgestone Awarded Three-Star for Its Motorsport Initiatives

Bridgestone Corporation has announced that the Bridgestone motorsport initiatives have been awarded the prestigious Three-Star of Environmental Accreditation from FIA, the not-for-profit world governing body of motor sport.

The FIA Environmental Accreditation is a programme aimed to help motor sport and mobility stakeholders worldwide to measure and enhance their environmental performance. By introducing a clear consistent environmental management system, the programme provides stakeholders with a three-level framework against which to accredit their activities.

Bridgestone was awarded the best practice Three-Star as it “Demonstrate best practice and commitment to seek continual improvement through the implementation of an environmental management system.”

Tomoyuki Takagi, Vice President and Officer Global Marketing Strategy, Bridgestone Corporation said “We are proud and delighted to be awarded the FIA’s Three-Star Environmental Accreditation. This partnership aligns with the Bridgestone E8 Commitment, our corporate commitment which accelerates our transformation to a sustainable solutions company. We aim to inspire excitement and spread joy to the world of mobility while striving to achieve the realisation of a carbon neutral mobility society with our technologies and initiatives.”

Felipe Calderon, Environmental & Sustainability Commission President, FIA said “I would like to congratulate Bridgestone Motorsport on achieving Three-Star Environmental Accreditation from the FIA. They have shown a strong commitment to achieve high standards in their sustainability programmes, and have put in place forward-thinking processes to ensure that this continues into the future.”

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