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Caltex Havoline autoPro Workshop Programme Launched

Caltex Havoline autoPro Workshop

Osaga Service Centre was one of the first partner workshops to adopt the Caltex Havoline autoPro workshop programme.

Caltex Havoline autoPro Workshop Programme Helps Business Partner to Expand

Chevron Malaysia Limited, which operates the Caltex brand in Malaysia, recently launched its Caltex Havoline autoPro workshop programme. Through this programme, Caltex expects to assure customers with a professional-looking setup to make them feel welcomed the moment they arrive at the workshop.

The Caltex Havoline autoPro workshop programme is tailored for quick-lube automotive business partners who wish to expand their businesses and gain credibility as a preferred operator. The comprehensive programme, unveiled at Osaga Service Centre, one of the first partner workshops to adopt it, is designed to offer the right expertise and resources needed to develop and protect businesses.

The core of the new workshop programme are five key pillars and the benefits include:

  • Flexible entry criteria for prospective workshop partners with a lower volume target and shorter-term commitments
  • More comprehensive programme that now includes training, incentives and business development funds
  • Refreshed image standards

Partner workshops are qualified by the scale of Caltex products sold, among other criteria. Top partner workshops would receive the full Caltex Havoline autoPro branding and programme offerings.

Najam Shamsuddin, Area Business Manager, AP Cluster, Chevron Lubricants, said: “We are excited to bring more value to our business partners and end users through the Caltex Havoline autoPro workshop programme. Our fuels and lubricants are proven throughout the years as products that meet and exceed consumers’ expectations. Now, we are embarking on a journey to build a strong brand image for our partner workshops without the franchisee or royalty fees while gaining the expertise and resources to grow and protect their businesses.”

“We are extremely delighted to be one of the first workshops to join the Caltex Havoline autoPro workshop programme as it shows the trust Caltex has in our partnership. Being a firm believer in the innovation behind the Caltex Havoline products has allowed us to serve customers better and contribute to the longevity of their vehicles. So much so that we encounter new generations of families returning to service their vehicles,” said Yap Wai Ching, Service Manager, Osaga Service Centre.

Being a multi-generational product is not new to Caltex. One of the earliest partner workshops is Kian Ann Car Service Centre in Setapak that it has collaborated with for more than 30 years. It is currently helmed by its second-generation owner, Edmund Tan.

“I remember how Caltex was already a firm supporter of our business back when my father started the workshop in 1989. Throughout the years, and with the help of Caltex, we’ve not only provided the best services for our customers, but also educated them on the importance of using the right products for their cars to enhance engine durability and maximise fuel economy,” Edmund said.

“We have fond memories of the workshop – from learning about cars and their engines, and meeting life-long customers who have become close friends; Caltex has been with us throughout and never fails to assist us in providing the best products and services that meet our customers’ different needs. We would definitely collaborate with Caltex for many more years to come,” he continued.

加德士Havoline autoPro 修车中心计划发布会

在大马经营加德士(Caltex)品牌的雪佛龙马来西亚有限公司,近日正式发布加德士Havoline autoPro 修车中心计划。加德士期望透过该计划,以一个专业的修车中心外观,确保客户在走进修车中心时就能感受到他们是受欢迎的。

加德士Havoline autoPro修车中心计划,是专为有意扩充快速润滑油汽车业务和作为首选运营商赢得信誉的伙伴而量身打造的。该计划在Osage 服务中心举行发布会。Osage是第一家采用这个为他们提供正确专门知识和所需要资源,协助和保护他们的业务发展计划的服务中心。


  • 伸缩性的加入条件,较低的销售量目标及较短期的承诺
  • 享有更全面,包含培训、奖励及业务发展基金的计划
  • 提升形象

作为加德士修车中心伙伴的其中一个条件是他们销售的加德士产品的规模。顶级修车中心伙伴,将取得完整的加德士Havoline autoPro品牌和计划优惠。

雪佛龙润滑油AP Cluster区域业务经理纳甲(Najam Shamsuddin)表示:“我非常荣幸能够透过加德士Havoline autoPro修车中心计划,为我们的业务伙伴和终端用户带来更具价值的产品。如今,我们在不收取任何特许权经营使用费下,为我们的修车中心伙伴建立一个更强大的品牌形象,使他们能够取得专门知识和资源,来增长和保护我们的业务。”

Osaga服务中心服务经理Yap Wai Ching表示:“我们很开心能够成为首批参与此计划的修车中心之一,这也显示了加德士对我们伙伴关系的信任。对加德士Havoline产品的坚信不疑,使我们能够为客户提供更好的服务和延长他们的汽车使用寿命,甚至连他们的新一代家庭成员也回到我们的修车中心来维修车子。”

对加德士来说,成为多代产品不是什么新鲜事。与加德士合作超过30年的Kian Ann汽车服务中心,是加德士最早的修车中心伙伴之一。如今,该中心已经由第二代业主Edmund Tan负责打理。


他接着表示:“我们的修车中心充满温馨的回忆— 从学习有关车子和客户的引擎开始,到后来彼此成为密切的朋友。加德士一直陪伴着我们,始终协助着我们提供符合客户不同需求的最佳产品和服务。在未来的许多年里,我们将会继续与加德士合作。”

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