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Stamford Tyres Malaysia New GM to Further Develop Commercial Vehicle Segment

Ivan -Stamford Tyres New GM

Ivan Reijan is the new General Manager for Stamford Tyres Malaysia Sdn Bhd, effective from 1st August, 2023. 

Ivan R Brings Vast Tyre Industry Experience to Stamford Tyres Malaysia

In an exclusive interview with Tyreman, he shared with us his experience, immediate focus and the exciting areas of opportunity and growth in the commercial tyre sector.

While not exactly new to the Malaysian tyre industry, Ivan R is no stranger to the Singapore fleet market and Stamford Tyres International Ptd Ltd (STIPL) as he served that company and tyre market since he was 25 years old.

“Holding a Higher National Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, I went to Singapore to work as I was passionate with rims and tyres. I joined STIPL as Retail Executive in April 1999. The company sent me to work in a Caltex petrol station along Jurong Port Road. During that time, when a company ran a workshop that was attached to a petrol station, it had to operate the petrol station as well. Luckily, I was not alone; with the help of a manager, I could stay on. Then in September, I was posted to a retail centre in Payar Lebar as technician, where I worked myself up to be Service Advisor and was later put in charge of corporate sales……”

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伊万雷詹(Ivan Reijan)是添福胶胎马来西亚私人有限公司的新任总经理,自2023 年8 月1日起生效。

在接受 《轮胎世界》的独家采访时,伊万与我们谈到了他的经验、任职后的重点,以及商用轮胎业务里令人兴奋的机遇和增长领域。

虽然伊万对马来西亚轮胎行业并不陌生,但新加坡车队市场和添福胶胎国际私人有限公司 (STIPL)对他可说是非常熟悉 ,因为他从25岁起就为该公司和新加坡轮胎市场服务。

“我持有电气和电子工程国家高级文凭,会前往新加坡工作是因为我对轮圈和轮胎充满热情。我于1999年4月加入STIPL,担任零售主管。公司派我到裕廊港路的一家加德士加油站工作。当时,任何公司要经营一个附属于加油站的修车厂就必须连同加油站一起经营。幸运的是,我并不孤单。在经理的帮助下,我留了下来。接着在同年9 月,我被派往巴耶利峇 (Payar Lebar) 的一家零售中心担任技术员,在那里我晋升为服务顾问,后来则负责公司的销售……”


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