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Chaoyang Tyre as OE Fitment for Dongfeng Mengshi M-hero 917

Mengshi M-hero 917
The new Dongfeng Mengshi M-Hero 917 comes with Chaoyang Arisun 1 A/T tyres from ZC Rubber.

ZC Rubber Achieves Another Breakthrough in EV Sector

During the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, Dongfeng Motor unveiled its first off-road electric SUV, the Mengshi M-Hero 917, available for pre-order in the price range of RMB 700,000-1.6 million. The new luxury vehicle is built on intelligent off-road architecture and comes with Chaoyang Arisun 1 A/T tyres from ZC Rubber.

Chaoyang Arisun 1 A/T is the latest all-terrain tyre from ZC Rubber for Chinese market, providing versatile, durable driving in on- an...

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