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Continental Truck Tyre Excellence Awards 2016

Continental Truck Tyre

With the new slogan – ‘More Than Just Truck Tyres’ – Frederic Quaranta, the new Market Manager Malaysia PLT and TT of Continental Tyre Malaysia, opened the Continental Truck Tyre Excellence Awards 2016 at the Sama Sama Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on the 10th December, 2017.

Continental Truck Tyre Excellence Awards: Recognizing Outstanding Achievements in 2016

“With the various service offers, for example Conti 360, ContiLifeCycle and ContiConnect, Continental Truck Tyre has evolved from a core tyre manufacturer to an integrated tyre solutions provider. I am proud to bring to you Continental as a total tyre solution and this is going to help us bring you the ‘Lowest Overall Driving Cost’,” said Quaranta.

Apart from the innovative product portfolio, he continued, Continental also took pride in being a company that prioritised customer-centric services.

“We appreciate the business relationships we have fostered with each and every one of you and hope that together, we will continue to deliver the best quality products in the market.   I believe my 18 years of experience in consumer goods, automotive and tyre industries in Japan, America, Germany, China and India will bring value to Continental Tyre Malaysia but more importantly to you Dear Business Partners. I am very excited to work hand in hand with each of you.” After the speech, Quaranta and Naina Packeer, Head of Sales –Truck Tyre, Replacement Market- Malaysia, invited all the selected dealers on stage to receive their Truck Tyre Excellence Awards 2016.


随着“More Than Just Truck Tyre”新口号的启用,马来西亚马牌轮胎新PLT和TT市场经理夸兰塔(Frederic Quaranta)于2017年12月10日假Sama Sama酒店,为2016年马牌卡车轮胎优胜奖主持开幕仪式。

“从我们所提供的各种服务,如Conti 360、ContiLifeCycle及ContiConnect,马牌已经从一个核心轮胎制造商,演变成为一个集成的轮胎解决方案供应商。我很荣幸能够在此将马牌完整解决方案带给大家,这将协助我们带给大家最低的整体驾驶成本。”夸兰塔表示。

他继续说,除了创新的产品组合, 马牌也为提供以客户为中心的服务而自豪。


在致词后,夸兰塔和马来西亚卡车轮胎及替换市场销售主管帕克(Naina Packeer),邀请获奖的代理上台领取他们的2016年卡车轮胎优胜奖。

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