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Continental Tyres Help Electric Truck Achieve Guinness World Record

Continental Tyres Electric Truck

Continental, DPD Switzerland and Futuricum have set the Guinness World Records title for the longest distance covered by an electric truck.

Guinness World Record for Commercial EV Mileage Using Continental Tires

Continental tyres were used to achieve the Guinness World Records title for the longest distance covered by an electric truck without a charging stop, together with DPD Switzerland and Futuricum.

The EV truck travelled a total of 682.88 miles to achieve the record. That’s equivalent to about ten hours of nonstop driving at highway speeds, or as seen in the test, multiple shifts of 4.5 hours each at an average speed of 31 mph, which is a realistic average value for everyday use in regional transport.

The record was set by a commercial electric truck from e-truck brand Futuricum. Parcel delivery company DPD Switzerland had already been successfully using the electric truck in regional transport for the past six months.

According to DPD, the e-truck is mastering the hilly, mountainous, roughly 186 mile-route (300 kilometers) every day without any problems, proving that electric mobility in the freight and transportation industry is not a mobility concept of tomorrow, but is already a reality on roads today.

Futuricum created the electric truck, converting a Volvo FH to an electric drive. The 19-ton truck now has over 680 hp and, with a capacity of 680 kilowatt hours, the largest truck battery in Europe on board, according to the company.

The three partners opted for Continental EfficientPro tyres, which, similar to Conti EcoPlus tyres, are designed for particularly low rolling resistance. Continental tyres enable high mileage and extremely low rolling resistance and thus offer the essential characteristics in tyres for electric commercial vehicles.

The world record achievement proved that sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-efficient electric mobility is becoming suitable for everyday use.

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