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ePartner Autopart Secures Kixx Lubricants Distributorship

ePartner Autopart Kixx Lubricants

ePartner Autopart Sdn Bhd has been appointed by the GS Global Corporation as Kixx lubricants distributor. 

ePartner Autopart Distributes Kixx Lubricants to Workshops and Factories Only

ePartner Autopart Sdn Bhd, a newly formed company in January this year, has been officially appointed by the GS Global Corporation as their Kixx lubricants distributor to serve workshops and factories in Malaysia.

Although ePartner Autopart is a new company in the market, their experience stretches back several decades. The founders David Teo and Dave Lim are former colleagues of Posim Petroleum Marketing Sdn Bhd, a company that produces and markets the popular Hi-Rev brand of lubricants. The two have teamed up to set up their own company.

David was the founder of the Hi-Rev brand in 1995 as well as the General Manager of both Posim Petroleum Marketing and the Lion Group Petroleum Sdn Bhd. Dave was Business Development Manager of Posim Petroleum Marketing and was subsequently promoted to Deputy General Manager. With a collective experience of more than 40 years in the industry, they are excited to share their insights in Kixx lubricants……

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ePartner Autopart 获得 Kixx 润滑油分销权

今年 1 月新成立的ePartner Autopart私人有限公司,已被 GS全球公司正式委任为他们的 Kixx 润滑油经销商,为马来西亚的修车厂和工厂提供服务。

尽管 ePartner Autopart 在市场上是一家新公司,但他们的经验可以追溯到几十年前。创办人张祖表和林靖顺曾是同事,一起任职于Posim 石油行销私人有限公司。该公司生产和销售广受欢迎的 Hi-Rev 品牌润滑油。如今,他们两人联手成立了自己的公司。

张祖表是 1995 年 Hi-Rev 品牌的创始人,也是 Posim石油行销和金狮集团石油私人有限公司的总经理。林靖顺则是Posim石油行销的业务发展经理,随后晋升为副总经理。在该行业拥有结合起来40 多年经验的他们,很开心能够与业者分享他们对 Kixx 润滑油的看法…。


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