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Eversafe: Lack of Quality Retreadable Casings Holds Back the South East Asian Market

Eversafe Retreadable Casings Market

Eversafe showcasing their full range of products on their booth, which created a lot of interest from both established and potential customers.

Eversafe Showcases Full Range of Products

As one of South East Asia’s recognised leaders in the production of high quality products and solutions for the retreading sector, Eversafe Rubber Works were not introducing any new products or services at this year’s Singapore show. However, the company were showcasing their full range of products on their booth, which created a lot of interest from both established and potential customers.

During the show Eversafe’s Managing Director Cheah Siang Tee took the opportunity to talk with us and give his opinion on how the local retreading market is performing at the moment. Cheah was keen to put his point across, which does not paint a pretty picture as he firmly believes the retreading sector has been in bad shape for the past five to six years with retreading productivity significantly down over this period.

“The main reason for this unfortunate slump in our business is the ongoing influx of tyres from China into the SEA sector which are sold as cheap budget tyres and consequently are of such poor quality that they cannot be professionally retreaded,” he said. “Quite simply these tyres are not fit for retreading purposes in our market as the quality of the casings is just not up to the accepted standard that we insist on in the SEA market.”

However, Cheah pointed out that he definitely did not want to give the impression that Chinese tyre were bad quality, but emphasised that it was just that the SEA retreading market worked at a certain standard which these tyres did not achieve, which in effect was causing a shortage in acceptable casings throughout South East Asia. At the same time price has also been a crucial aspect of the situation as these Chinese tyres are pitched at such a low cost level that the end user can purchase them cheaper than a retreaded tyre, which just adds to the stifling of the SEA retreading market.

Looking to the immediate future, Cheah is confident that the overall volume of retreading production will not go down any further and will remain sustainable at its current level. He concluded, “It is not an ideal scenario, but I do not believe the situation will get any worse, and in my opinion the tyres from China are improving in quality all the time. So, in due course they may be acceptable for our retreading market, which could be enough to ‘kick-start’ our market back up to previous levels.”







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