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Falken Get Together Dinner

Falken Get Together Dinner

Falken hosted a Get Together Dinner for its FK510, ZE310R and 4×4 tyre dealers on 24th and 25th August, 2022 at the Seafood World Plaza 33, Petaling Jaya.

Falken Holds Dealer Event

As Covid was still among us, the company took safety measures to ensure the safety of its guests including requesting all attendees to do a self-test.

The event was well attended by more than 100 people. The management team comprised Sumitomo Rubber Asia Managing Director Takehiko Asai, General Manager Mina Kondo, Sales & Marketing Assistant Manager K.C. Lee, Stamford Tyres Corporation Limited Executive Director Dr Li Ann Wee, Senior Vice President Conson Sia and Stamford Tyres Malaysia Head of Finance & Operation Chng Lee Lee.

In his speech, Takehiko Asai warmly welcomed Falken dealers and addressed them as the company’s important partner……..

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在2022年8月24日和25日这两天,飞劲于八打灵再也Plaza 33的海世界酒楼设宴,招待其FK510、ZE310R和四驱车轮胎代理商。有鉴于冠病仍然存在,该公司采取安全措施以确保嘉宾们的安全,包括要求所有与会者进行自检。

这次活动吸引了100多人参加。管理层代表有住友橡胶亚洲董事经理Takehiko Asai、总经理Mina Kondo、销售及市场营销副理经理 K.C.Lee,添福胶胎股份有限公司执行董事 Li Ann Wee博士和执行董事 Conson Sia,以及添福胶胎财务及运营主管Chng Lee Lee。

Takehiko Asai在致辞中对飞劲代理商表示热烈欢迎,并称他们为公司重要的合作伙伴…..


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