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Fleet Management Conference Adds Weight to Fringe Programme at Automechanika Kuala Lumpur

Conference Automechanika Kuala Lumpur

The fleet management conference at the Automechanika Kuala Lumpur offered presentations on a wide range of topics.

Automechanika Kuala Lumpur & Valebridge Media Services Jointly Organise Fleet Management Conference

One of the fringe events taking place for the first time at Automechanika Kuala Lumpur was a day-long fleet management conference jointly organised by Automechanika and our own media services agency Valebridge Media Services in recognition of the growing potential in Malaysia for the commercial vehicle sector to optimise fleet management in the Malaysian market.

Indeed, at the press conference opening the exhibition, Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry Dr Ong Kian Ming commented on the strength of the logistics sector in Malaysia and the opportunities to optimise fleet management in terms of technology. He also made it clear that these opportunities extended across the entire supply chain.

The conference, which was opened by Deputy Under Secretary for the Department of Transport Azmin Abdul Majid, offered presentations on a wide range of topics.

We began with Richard Lim from the Pan-Malaysian Lorry Owners Association, who gave an analysis of some of the key challenges faced by the haulage industry in Malaysia, including how to work more closely and successfully with government on policy and guideline issues, how to deal with the shortage of drivers in Malaysia and how to bring government and the private sector together to achieve rapid progression from B10 to B20 biodiesel.

We then heard from Michael Lam from Fleetsol, who enlightened the audience on how telematics can help us enhance fleet efficiency, whilst also improving maintenance and safety.

For those fleets already considering implementing a formal fleet management and optimisation programme, Zuhairi Yusoff offered an illuminating analysis into the pros and cons of carrying out such a programme in-house compared with those of engaging a specialist fleet management company.

After lunch the programme moved onto the subject of sustainability, and David Lantz, Scania’s Suatainability Manager was able to enlighten the audience on how following sustainable practices can also offer opportunities to increase profitability.

Next, we returned to the subject of the pros and cons of biodiesel, which was dealt with by Foo Siew Mun from Valvoline. Also, continuing the theme of best practice in fleet management, we received a number of insights into the subject of tyre management, which, after fuel, is the heaviest operational cost for fleet managers. Explaining the relationship between effective tyre management and profitability was Mohamad Azhar from tyre specialists Kit Loong Tyre. We also learned more about how quality retreaded tyres can form a constructive part of a cost-effective tyre management plan.

In the afternoon session, Michael Lam returned to the stage and talked about some of the cost savings and efficiencies that can be accrued by systems integration, and last but not least, the conference was brought to a close by Jeff Tan from Guardian South East Asia, who gave attendees valuable insight into the subject of driver fatigue and some of the latest developments in this field.

In wrapping up the conference, David Wilson, Managing Director of Valebridge Media Services thanked the speakers and drew attention to the strong attendance from visitors to the show. “Today’s conference offered something for everybody, and provided us all with food for thought,” he concluded.

车队管理会议增添Automechanika Kuala Lumpur


在Automechanika Kuala Lumpur的同期活动中有一个全新项目,就是为期一天的车队管理会议。有鉴于马来西亚商用车领域不断提高的潜能,我们的媒体服务代理Valebridge Media Service与该展会主办方联手主办,以优化马来西亚市场的车队管理。


由交通部副秘书长阿兹敏(Azmin Abdul Majid)主持开幕仪式的车队管理会议的课题相当广泛。

马来西亚罗里同业总会(Pan-Malaysian Lorry Owners Association)主席Richard Lim分析了马来西亚运输业者所面对的主要挑战,包括业者应如何在与运输相关的政策和指南上与政府密切配合,如何面对马来西亚司机短缺问题,以及如何将政府与私人界联系在一起,以加速从B10 到B20生物柴油的进展。

接着是Fleetsol的Michael Lim启发观众如何采用远程信息处理来加强车队效率的同时,改善养护和安全。

朱哈里(Zuhairi Yusoff)则为那些已经考虑采用一个正式的车队管理和优化计划的车队,分析应用内部计划和聘请专业车队管理公司的优缺点。

午餐后的会议课题是可持续性。斯堪尼亚可持续性经理兰特兹(David Lantz)告诉听众如何在实践可持续性的同时,提高利润。

接下来Valvoline公司的Foo Siew Mun谈到有关生物柴油的优缺点。紧跟着我们在有关车队管理最佳实践的议题里获得了许多有关轮胎管理的洞见,轮胎是车队经理在燃油成本之后所面对的第二大营运成本。我们请来了吉隆轮胎轮胎专家莫哈末(Mohamad Azhar)为听众解释高效轮胎管理和利润之间的关系。我们也从中学习到更多有关优质翻胎如何成为高效轮胎管理计划中一个充满建设性部分的宝贵资讯。

下午的课题是Michael Lam 谈透过系统集成,可达到的节省和效率。最后是Guardian South East Asia的Jeff Tan分享有关司机疲劳的宝贵见解和该领域里的新进展。

Valebridge Media Service董事经理威尔森(David Wilson)在为该会议作总结时,向所有的主讲人致谢,并指出此次会议的出席率相当高。


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