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Giti Tire Selected as OE Supplier for Great Wall Motor New Electric Vehicle

Ora Goodcat Giti Tire

Singapore-based Giti Tire proudly announced its Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) tyre supply partnership with Ora Goodcat recently.

Ora Goodcat Runs on New Generation GitiComfort 225v1 Tyres

After establishing its footprint in Thailand, Chinese automaker GWM has entered the Malaysian market with its New Energy Vehicle (NEV) Ora Goodcat.

The company recently established its Malaysian subsidiary that goes by the name of Great Wall Motor (GWM) Sales Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

With its commitment to sustainability in mind, Singapore-based Giti Tire proudly announced its Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) tyre supply partnership with Ora Goodcat. Working with the newly-launched vehicle development, the new generation GitiComfort 225v1 tyre from Giti Tire has proven to be an ideal choice for electric vehicles.

With the growing popularity of energy saving and green travel vehicles, NEVs are become increasingly popular with new car buyers. In 2018, Giti Tire started its focus on its AdvanZtech technology that was integrated globally and established research and development (R&D) modules for two primary areas related to energy: green energy savings and smart innovation. The GitiComfort 225v1 is its highest achievement, equipped with cutting-edge technology as part of a new generation of green energy-saving products developed by Giti Tire.

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中国汽车制造商长城汽车在泰国设立起据点后,凭借其新能源汽车(NEV)Ora Goodcat打入马来西亚市场。该公司近期成立了马来西亚子公司,名为长城汽车 (GWM)销售马来西亚私人有限公司。

秉承对可持续发展的承诺,总部位于新加坡的佳通轮胎宣布与Ora Goodcat建立原装配备制造商轮胎供应合作伙伴关系。与新推出的车辆联手开发的佳通新一代GitiComfort 225v1轮胎,已被证明是电动汽车的理想选择。

随着绿色出行和节能环保汽车的日益普及,新能源汽车越来越受到新车购买者的欢迎。2018年,佳通轮胎开始专注于其全球一体化研发平台,AdvanZtech领悦科技平台,带动了与能源相关的两大主要领域:绿色节能和智能创新。搭载尖端技术的GitiComfort 225v1轮胎正是它的最高成就,也是佳通轮胎新一代绿色节能产品之一……..


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