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Goodyear Launches Assurance TripleMax 2

Goodyear Assurance TripleMax 2

To meet the rising demand from both B2B and B2C stakeholders, the Assurance TripleMax 2 was introduced and designed to improve the safety and durability of the tyres.

Assurance TripleMax 2 Stops Faster, Drives Safer

In conjunction with Goodyear’s 120th anniversary, Goodyear Asia Pacific recently launched the Assurance TripleMax 2 for the mid-passenger segment. The Assurance TripleMax was first launched in 2013 and had won the trust of major car manufacturers and consumers across the world. To meet the rising demand from both B2B and B2C stakeholders, the Assurance TripleMax 2 was introduced and designed to improve the safety and durability of the tyres. In addition, it is also said to be optimised for excellent grip performance with short braking distance under wet road conditions, enabling drivers to stop faster and drive safer.

Ryan Patterson, Goodyear Asia Pacific President, said: “As pioneers in tyre technology, we constantly challenge ourselves to innovate and develop better products to improve the overall driving experiences for consumers, and this year we are celebrating our 120th anniversary, which marks a significant milestone for Goodyear. From the first moon tyres on a modular equipment transporter to the first radial tyre approved by FAA for commercial aircraft, Goodyear has always been at the forefront of technological innovation and we aspire to design and produce more high-performance tyres with ground-breaking technologies. We are confident that the new Assurance TripleMax 2 would allow drivers to experience better wet braking and handling performance.”

The new Assurance TripleMax 2 with HydroTred Technology is improved to deliver better performances in the following areas:

  • Excellent Wet Braking Performance: Innovative compound formulation increases stickiness and optimised microstructure delivers better grip and braking performance on wet road conditions.
  • Enhanced Handling Performance: New HydroTred Technology with optimised footprint and more effective contact pressure delivers an enhanced driving experience with better tyre cornering stiffness and steering precision.
  • Improved Comfort Performance: Innovative tread pattern is designed to minimise pattern noise throughout tyre life, providing a smoother and more comfortable drive.
  • Resistance Performance: Additional technical features on the sidewall and construction design and materials are introduced to Assurance TripleMax 2 to increase resistance to sidewall impacts.

固特异推出Assurance TripleMax2:更快刹停,安全升级

配合固特异欢庆120周年,固特异亚太近日引进专为中阶轿车市场所设计的Assurance TripleMax 2。 Assurance TripleMax2 于2013年首度上市,并赢得全球各大汽车制造商以及消费者的信任。固特异为满足B2B和B2C众多客户不断提高的需求,推出了具有提升安全性和耐用性的Assurance TripleMax2。此外,该公司也特别优化该款新轮胎的抓地性能,使它具有较短的湿地刹车距离,让驾驶人能更快地刹停,提升安全性。

固特异亚太区总裁帕特森(Ryan Patterson)针对此款产品的推出表示:“身为轮胎技术的先驱,我们不断挑战自身能力,只为创造与发明更优秀的产品来提升消费者的整体体验,而今年正逢我们欢庆120周年纪念,这为固特异来说是个重要的里程碑。 从第一条安装在模块化设备运输车上的登月轮胎 到第一条受FAA认可的商用飞机子午胎,固特异一直走在技术创新的前沿,我们追求设计和制造出具开创性技术的更高性能轮胎。我们对于新款的Assurance TripleMax2 非常有信心,相信它绝对能让驾驶人体验更好的湿地制动和操控性能。

新款的Assurance TripleMax2 采用HydroTred 科技,在以下的领域具有更优秀的性能表现:

  • 卓越湿地刹车性能:创新的复合胶配方,增强粘附力和优化分子链结,提高湿地抓地力和刹车表现。
  • 强化操控性能:全新的HydroTred科技,提供最优化的接地面积和更有效的压力分配,提升过弯稳定性及转向精准性。
  • 提升舒适性:创新胎纹设计,在整个轮胎使用寿命期间可减低胎纹噪音,带来更舒畅和舒适的驾驶。
  • 抗异物冲击:Assurance TripleMax2在胎侧部位的结构设计及材质选用,提升了胎侧路面异物冲击的抵抗力。

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