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Goodyear Malaysia Berhad Preps for 2019 with a ‘Young and Fearless’ Mindset

Goodyear Malaysia Mindset

Goodyear and its network of partners that operate Goodyear Autocare centres in Malaysia have plans to become more aggressive in their approach to recommending and selling Goodyear products.

Goodyear Malaysia Reveals 2019 Strategy

Goodyear Malaysia Berhad recently organised its annual Brand Retail Conference where it revealed a strong strategy to tackle 2019 and be a leading brand when it comes to products that provide value-for-money in every segment.

During the conference, Goodyear Malaysia shared its core theme for 2019 – to be ‘Young and Fearless’. Put simply, Goodyear and its network of partners that operate Goodyear Autocare centres in Malaysia have plans to become more aggressive in their approach to recommending and selling Goodyear products.

What this means is that customers who take their cars to a Goodyear Autocare Centre could look forward to receiving service and recommendations based on their driving styles and needs. For example, a casual city driver would benefit more from being fitted with the Goodyear Assurance Triplemax 2 on his/her car, rather than the Goodyear Eagle F1 Directional 5 that is more suitable for spirited driving around a track.

Goodyear Malaysia says the Assurance Triplemax 2 (ATM 2) is all set to continue the legacy of the legendary Goodyear Eagle NCT5 into 2019 and beyond. Officially launched in December, this tyre comes with the latest HydroTred technology, which offers better braking performance up to 5.6 meters on wet roads. In addition, its innovative asymmetric tread pattern is optimised to create better contact pressure, hence improving handling and steering precision.

The ATM 2 is also said to deliver superior comfort performance due to its tyre tread pattern that is designed with narrower shoulder grooves and increased number of pitches to reduce noise and give drivers a more comfortable and quieter ride. With this tyre, Goodyear believes that drivers could now stop faster and drive safer.

In addition, Goodyear Malaysia announced that the company would continue to invest in delivering innovative products that help Malaysians stay safe on the road, regardless of road conditions. It would also continue to enhance its Worry Free Assurance Plan, which would be revised to provide more comprehensive protection for tyres that are covered under this plan.

The types of tyres covered by this plan include the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3, Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2, Eagle F1 Directional 5, Eagle EfficientGrip, Assurance Triplemax, Assurance Triplemax 2, Optilife EfficientGrip SUV, EfficientGrip Performance SUV, Wrangler TripleMax and Goodyear RunOnFlat.

The types of tyre damage covered under the Goodyear Worry Free Assurance include damage that are beyond repair caused by potholes or sharp objects such as nails, resulting in punctures, cutting and bulging.

At the heart of Goodyear are consumers looking for products that offer excellent value for money across all market segments. Apart from enhancing its core offerings, Goodyear Malaysia plans to organise more exciting promotions, including joint promotions with Goodyear Preferred Suppliers and exciting deals during the various festive seasons to further entice consumers. To ensure that the promotions go smoothly, Goodyear Malaysia would continue to work closely with Maybank to offer the zero per cent Ezy Payment scheme.

Lastly, Goodyear Malaysia says it would further enhance its product range next year by giving customers the option to purchase a brand-new Ultra High Performance (UHP) tyre that combines luxurious comfort with superior wet braking and dry handling performance.

With the strategy detailed during this year’s Branded Retail Conference, the launch of the Goodyear ATM 2 and the arrival of a new UHP tyre next year, Goodyear Malaysia is confident it is in an optimal position to tackle 2019.




大马固特异在大会中分享其2019年的核心主题– “年轻无畏”。简而言之就是固特异和它在马来西亚经营固特异Autocare 中心 的伙伴,计划在建议和销售固特异产品方面采取更积极的态度。

这意味着将车子开到固特异Autocare 中心的客户,可望取得按照他们的驾驶风格和需求的服务与建议。比如说,一名休闲的市区驾驶人将固特异Assurance Triplemax 2 安装到他/她的车上,比采用更适合在赛道奔驰的固特异  Eagle F1 Directional 5 受益更大。

大马固特异表示,Assurance Triplemax 2(ATM 2) 已准备好在2019年和之后延续固特异Eagle NCT 5 的传奇。这款在12 月间正式发布的轮胎,采用最新的HydroTred技术,提供更好的制动性能,缩短湿地刹停距离至5.6米。此外,其创新且优化的不对称花纹,可为轮胎带来更好的接地力, 改善操控和转向精确度。

据悉,ATM 2的花纹设计使它拥有卓越的舒适性,封闭式的胎肩沟槽和更多的节距,降低噪音,为驾驶人提供更舒适和安静的驾驶。有了这款轮胎,固特异相信驾驶人就能更快的刹停和更安全地驾驶。

该款轮胎的尺寸从15至17寸,适配家庭房车。你可以登录固特异官方网站 assurance-triplemax 2,查询更多有关ATM 2的资料。

此外,大马固特异宣布该公司将继续投资,为大马人提供不管路况如何,都能在路上保持安全的创新产品 。它也将继续加强和修订其无烦恼轮胎保用计划(Worry Free Assurance Plan),为那些在此计划下受惠的轮胎提供更全面的轮胎保障。

在该保用计划下受惠的轮胎种类包括Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3、Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 、Eagle F1 Directional 5、Eagle EfficientGrip 、Assurance Triplemax、Assurance Triplemax 2、Optilife EfficientGrip SUV 、EfficientGrip Performance SUV 、 Wrangle TripleMax 及固特异RunOnFlat。



最后,大马固特异表示它将在明年进一步加强其产品系列,为客户提供购买全新,结合了豪华与舒适性,卓越湿地制动及干地操控性能的超高性能(UHP) 轮胎。

有了今年品牌零售大会中的详细战略,固特异ATM 2 的发布以及将在明年面市的UHP 轮胎,大马固特异深信它正处于应付2019年的最佳位置。


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