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Goodyear Preparing for the New LMGT3 category of the World Endurance Championship WEC


In June, at Le Mans, a total of 23 LMGT3 cars will join 16 LMP2 machines, all equipped with Goodyear tyres, in their pursuit of endurance racing’s ultimate crown.

Goodyear Ready for World Endurance Championship

Goodyear Racing began development for the new LMGT3 category in 2022. It was then that the process of developing a tyre capable of meeting the diverse needs of a modern GT3 grid commenced. During 2024, two dry tyre specifications and an advanced wet tyre will be used to cover the entire season, from the extreme temperatures of Bahrain to the relentless intensity of Qatar and the unpredictability of Spa-Francorchamps.

As the exclusive supplier of the LMGT3 category in the WEC, Goodyear has reiterated its commitment to international motorsport. Endurance races provide an invaluable testing ground for developing the next generation of ultra-high-performance road tyres (UUHP) and are an opportunity for Goodyear to showcase its technology and expertise.

The characteristics of LMGT3 mean it is the most representative category when comparing technologies transferred to Goodyear’s range of UUHP tyres for road use. The opinions of drivers are crucial for Goodyear Racing’s team of designers and engineers to develop a tyre that stands out on the track. Driver feedback is fundamental to developing the best competition tyre.

Richard Lietz has been an official Porsche driver since 2007, and during this time, he has competed in every edition of Le Mans with the brand. Lietz knows exactly what drives GT team success, and he praised Goodyear’s latest LMGT3 tyre specification:

“Goodyear’s development cycle has been incredible,” explained the four-time Le Mans winner. “They have done a great job providing a tyre for each manufacturer. The tyre can withstand a wide range of temperatures and start without tyre warmers. It’s the hardest thing you can ask for, and I think the tyre we have now is a good starting point, and we are very happy.”

Michelle Gatting of Iron Dames has Great Confidence in Goodyear

2023 was a great year for Iron Dames. The team achieved a historic victory by becoming the first all-female lineup to triumph in the WEC during the 8 Hours of Bahrain.

When asked about Goodyear’s involvement in the new era of GT racing, their driver Michelle Gatting explained: “With the new Goodyear tyres, the plan for the year is for drivers to be able to do double stints on one set of tyres.”

“The plan for 2024 is, of course, to think about the environment, to be a bit more eco-friendly. Of course, this means using fewer tyres. That’s why Goodyear has created a tyre that can run for at least two hours.

“It’s certainly different [from what we’re used to], but Goodyear has done it very well. We have very good feelings with the yire, and it gives us confidence in the car.”

British driver Ben Barker will race with the latest Ford GT3 with Proton Racing in 2024. In a speech given at Monteblanco in November, Barker praised the progress Goodyear has made in a relatively short time: “The feeling [of the tyre] is very similar. The tyre Goodyear has developed feels fantastic, to be honest, so I’m excited to try it more and on different circuits.”

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