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Gotrays Global Focuses on Developing In-House Tyre Brands

Gotrays Global
Gotrays Global

At this year’s MIAPEX show, Gotrays Global Sdn Bhd showcased its diverse range of in-house tyre brands and other product series.

Gotrays Global Solidifying Its Global Presence

“During its establishment in 1988, the company focused on importing tyres and rims from China, Japan, India and other countries to sell them in Malaysia. Recognising the need to meet rising market demand, the company not only set up a retreading plant but also ventured into investments in China to produce moulds and manufacture its own brand of new tyres,” said founder Kang Ming Han.

Following China’s entry into the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 2001, he continued, the company’s engagement in international trade flourished, prompting it to strategically prepare for the creation of a dedicated export trading company in China, focusing primarily on tyre exports. “Adapting to market dynamics, the company officially established the China Export Trading Company in 2013. By 2021, its business had expanded, encompassing global manufacturing, export activities and collaborative ventures in numerous countries. In 2022, recognising the need for resource consolidation, the Malaysian and Chinese entities merged, giving rise to the newly formed group of companies known as Gotrays.”

Over the past decade, Kang pointed out that the company’s brands proliferated across more than 110 countries and regions, solidifying its global presence.

“It is cost effective to produce the company’s tyres in China but it never compromises on quality. Gotrays upholds its commitment to uncompromising quality, considering this as its utmost priority. Additionally, the factories that it engages with are all fully automated in the production process. The company’s diverse range of brands – Pacestar, Supermeallir, Powerclaw, Wynstar, Kuyama, Haida and Tianfu – caters to various needs in the tyre market. Pacestar features tyre tread patterns that are designed specifically for truck and bus radial (TBR) tyre retreading. Under this brand, it also provides truck rims. Powerclaw, on the other hand, has tyre products that are designed for SUVs and passenger cars. Under the Supermeallir brand, there are the all-steel radial tyres for trucks and buses, truck bus bias (TBB) tyres and Off-the-Road (OTR) series. Wynstar and Kuyama encompass light trucks and heavy truck tyres while Haida offers premium quality passenger car tyres and TBR, and Tianfu specialises in bias truck tyres….”

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在今年的 MIAPEX展会上,耀乾集团私人有限公司(Gotrays Global Sdn Bhd)展示了其多元化的自有轮胎品牌和该公司的其他产品系列。




“在中国生产轮胎具有成本效益,但我们的公司绝不会在质量上妥协。耀乾恪守对品质毫不妥协的承诺,并将其视为首要任务。此外,与我们合作的工厂的生产过程都是完全自动化的。耀乾拥有多个品牌 – Pacestar、Supermeallir、Powerclaw、Wynstar、Kuyama、Haida和Tianfu – 可满足轮胎市场的各种需求。 Pacestar 胎面花纹是专为卡车及巴士子午(TBR)胎翻新而设计的。该品牌还提供卡车钢圈。另一方面,Powerclaw拥有专为休旅车(SUV)和乘用车设计的轮胎产品。 Supermeallir品牌下有卡车及巴士用的全钢子午轮胎、卡车及巴士斜交(TBB)轮胎和工程轮胎(OTR)系列。Wynstar和Kuyama涵盖轻型卡车和重型卡车轮胎,而Haida提供优质的乘用车轮胎和卡车及巴士子午胎,Tianfu则专注于斜交层卡车轮胎……”


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