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Racing Z Trading Grows with Hankook Tire

Racing Z Trading Hankook Tire

Racing Z Trading Sdn Bhd, with more than 20 years of experience in the tyre service industry, is renowned for its technical expertise and high service standards that represent the essence of the Hankook Masters Programme.  

Hankook Tire Accelerates Growth as Racing Z Trading Partner

The company was founded by Ng Ser Chein, who set up his first tyre service outlet in Balakong in 1999. Today, the company has grown to a network of six branches with 65 employees and provides a comprehensive range of auto services ranging from tyre puncture repairs, wheel alignment and balancing, tyre rotation to general vehicle-related services.

“We joined the Hankook Masters Programme three years ago when we noticed the growing demand for Hankook tyres, which have a good reputation for lower road noise, innovative tyre tread patterns and a high level of quality. We had many customers requesting for Hankook tyres,” said Ng.

Hankook Tire is Korea’s first and largest tyre manufacturer, and a leading global company that exports tyres to more than 180 countries. The company’s growth is based on cutting edge technology and an international manufacturing system, powered by five research and development centres in Korea, Germany, United States, China and Japan.

The Hankook Masters Programme was designed to create a consistent retail expression across all shop formats to provide a unified brand experience to consumers. Its brand logo represents speed, high technology, prestige and innovation.

Hankook’s ultimate goal is to continue meeting the needs of the company’s customers by providing unique, revolutionary and optimal space to fully experience the Hankook brand.

Hankook Masters shop formats were designed to improve brand awareness and the programme was aimed at increasing sales and building better relationships with customers.

Ng pointed out that Hankook has a pricing structure that is very competitive and reasonable.

Hankook has helped us to grow our business because they provide the advantages of competitive pricing and a diverse offering of tyre patterns and sizes. The Hankook tyre brand is also strong and consumer awareness about the Hankook brand is improving rapidly,” he said.

Racing Z Trading’s staff also attended training programmes conducted by Hankook, which were said to be effective in improving product and brand history and knowledge as well as soft skills such as better communication with customers.

“Training is important and our staff learned a lot about Hankook’s cutting edge technology and high quality manufacturing system,” said Ng.

He continued that the company always strove to maintain good relationships with customers and provide consistent after-sales services. He also noted that Hankook Tire was very supportive with after-sales services as well as shop signage, item display and product leaflets.

“We are proud to be part of the Hankook Masters Programme and have plans to open more branches in the future and grow with Hankook.”

Racing Z 贸易与韩泰轮胎一起成长

在轮胎业拥有超过20年丰富经验的 Racing Z 贸易私人有限公司,素来以其专门知识和高水平服务见称 ,而这正Hankook Masters Programme 精髓所在。

1999年,该公司的创办人Ng Ser Chein在无拉港成立了他的第一家轮胎店。今天,该公司拥有6家分店和65名员工,提供广泛的汽车服务,从轮胎修补、车轮定位与平衡 、轮胎换位到与汽车相关的一般服务。

“当我们发现韩泰轮胎的需求不断增长后,就在3年前加入了Hankook Masters Programme。韩泰轮胎路噪低,拥有创新的花纹及高品质。我们有许多客户要求购买 韩泰轮胎。”他说。


Hankook Master Programme的设计是为了在所有的商店格式中 创建 一致性的“销售表达”,为消费者提供一个 统一的品牌经验 。其品牌商标代表着速度、高技术、声望及创新。

韩泰的终极目标就是透过提供独特、创新及优化的空间,不断迎合客户的需求 ,让客户能够充分体验韩泰品牌。Hankook Masters 门店格式的设计是为了提升产品意识,而该项目是为了增加销售量和与客户建立一个更好的关系。

他指出,韩泰拥有一个相当具竞争力和合理的价格结构 。“韩泰协助我们增长业务, 因为他们提供我们具竞争力的价格和多种轮胎款型和尺寸。韩泰轮胎的品牌也很强,客户对韩泰品牌的意识正在迅速地增长。”

Racing Z 的员工也参与韩泰提供的培训。据悉,这些培训有效改善他们的产品、品牌历史、知识及软技能,强化他们与 客户的沟通。


“培训是重要的,我们的员工学习到了许多有关韩泰 的尖端技术和高品质的制造系统。”他说。




“我们为能成为Hankook Masters Programme 的一分子而自豪。我们计划在未来开设更多的分行,并与韩泰一同成长。”






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