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Gulf Oil – Known and Trusted Around the World

Gulf Oil Around the World

Gulf Oil, a world leading provider of fuels, lubricants and services, delivers to more than 100 countries and millions of customers the world over.

Gulf Oils Endures the Test and Time

Its products are manufactured in more than 18 sites worldwide.

The company has come a long way since 1901 but its heritage, capability and commitment to make a real difference to the lives of customers are said to be consistent at every stage of its growth. With agility, a keenness to evolve and a steadfast ambition to give its customers nothing but the best, Gulf Oil not only endured the test of time but thrived with it.

“Our constant efforts have allowed us to develop and deliver world-class products in the automotive, motorcycle and industrial lubricant space catering to the B2B and B2C segments through our growing distribution network. We offer an extensive lubricant range for everything from everyday vehicles to supercars on the racetrack. Developed by industry experts, our automotive and car care products are OEM approved and provide an extensive range for customers worldwide,” said Gulf Oil.

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海湾石油(Gulf Oil)公司是全球领先的燃料、润滑油及服务供应商,为一百多个国家和全球数百万客户提供产品。其产品在全球超过18个地点生产。

自 1901 年成立以来,该公司已经走过了漫长的道路。然而,在该公司成长的每一个阶段都在贯彻着其传统、能力,并致力于实现真正改变客户生活的承诺。 海湾石油凭借其敏捷性、对发展的热忱以及为客户提供最好的服务的坚定雄心,历经时间考验,发展蓬勃。



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