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Hankook Tire Partners with SK Lubricants in Malaysia

Hankook Tire SK Lubricants

The Hankook Masters outlets in Malaysia would now carry and supply SK Lubricants products for its customers.

SK Lubricants Products Now Available in Hankook Masters Outles

Hankook Tire Malaysia recently announced its strategic partnership with SK Lubricants. The Hankook Masters outlets across the country would now carry and supply SK Lubricants products for its customers. This partnership would enhance brand awareness and strengthen brand impression for both parties, increase sales and expand their selling reach.

Commenting on the partnership, Hankook Malaysia said the team-up would open new opportunities for the company, allowing it to match its high standard of total auto maintenance services with SK ZIC premium lubricant solutions. The company also revealed the vision of establishing and launching global corporation models.

“As the top engine oil brand in Korea, we are thrilled to collaborate with Hankook Tire, the top tyre brand in Korea. This partnership brings the two recognised Korean brands together, with an aim to provide Malaysian car owners better products and services. We are delighted to have the opportunity to introduce the best Korean products to the Malaysian market through the local Hankook Masters outlets,” said SK Lubricants.

SK Lubricants, a fully-owned subsidiary of SK Innovation, has a history of innovation and growth. Based in Seoul, the company has been in operation for more than 45 years. It built South Korea’s first oil refinery in the 1950s and expanded its facilities in the 1970s. By the 1990s, the company was one of Korea’s largest providers of energy and chemical products. Today, it is the leading producer, distributor and maker of premium based oil Yubase and lubricating oil SK ZIC across the globe.

Yubase has a wide range of automotive and industrial applications. The global trend of enhanced regulations on environmental protection and wide spread use of low-viscosity products for premium lube base oil is growing. Thus, SK Lubricants is increasing the sales volume of Yubase to more than 140 distributors in 50 countries, including the US, Europe, Japan and Asia. In addition, the company is also the world’s largest Group III base oils producer, exporting to more than 140 customers in 50 countries and accounting for more than 54 per cent of global market share. It also exports its finished products to more than 60 countries, including Russia, China, USA and East Asia.

SK ZIC, the representative brand of SK Lubricants, was produced since the beginning of its oil business in 1996. It grew to become the number 1 lubricant oil brand in a brand power survey for 20 consecutive years in Korea and won the Global Green Management Excellence Award. In addition, the outstanding quality of SK ZIC is said to be recognised around the world and the company now supplies auto transmission oil and engine oil to General Motors in the US and gearbox oil to Tesla. The brand has received top level certification from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) automakers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsches, Renault, Volvo, MAN and global major quality evaluation organisations such as API and ILSAC.

韩泰轮胎与SK Lubricants在大马合作

韩泰轮胎马来西亚公司近日宣布与SK Lubricants达成策略性合作。自此,Hankook Masters专门店将为其客户供应和销售SK润滑油产品。这项合作将提升两家公司的品牌知名度和印象,提高销售量和扩充销售点。

谈及该合作,大马韩泰说,这将为公司带来新商机,让他们能够以SK ZIC优质润滑油解决方案来搭配其高水平的全方位汽车养护服务 。该公司也透露说,其愿景是建立和推介全球合作模式。

“作为韩国顶尖的引擎油品牌,我们很兴奋能够与韩国顶尖的轮胎品牌– 韩泰轮胎合作。这项合作将两大受认可的品牌结合起来,旨在为马来西亚的车主提供更好的产品和服务。我们也很开心能有机会将透过Hankook Masters专门店,将韩国最好的产品带到马来西亚市场。”SK Lubricants表示。

SK润滑油是SK Innovation的全资子公司,拥有创新和增长的历史。这家位于首尔的公司已有超过45年的历史。1960年代,它在南韩建立了第一家炼油厂,并在1970年代扩建其设施。到了1990年代,该公司已经是韩国最大的能源和化工产品供应商。今天,它是全世界领先的优质基础油Yubase和SK ZIC润滑油的制造商和经销商。

Yubase可广泛用于汽车和工业领域。全球持续加强的环保法律和趋势,以及低黏度产品的优质润滑油基础油的 广泛使用正不断地提高。因此,SK Lubricants的 Yubase销售量持续提高,并出口到50个国家的超过140个客户,占全球市场份额的54%。它也将其成品出口至60 多个国家,包括俄罗斯、中国、美国及东亚。

SK ZIC是SK Lubricants的代表品牌,自该公司于1996年投入石油业务开始就已经存在。在一项品牌力量调查中,它连续20年高居榜首,成为韩国第一的润滑油品牌,并赢得卓越全球绿色管理奖。此外,据悉,SK ZIC的卓越品质是受全球认可的,而如今该公司为美国的大众提供汽车变速箱油和引擎油,并为Tesla供应变速箱油。该品牌深获原装配备制造商(OEM)汽车制造商如马赛地、宝马、大众、保时捷、雷诺、富豪、曼及全球主要品质评估组织如API和ILSAC的认可。

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