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HT Group Frontliners Support Program Admist Pandemic

HT Group Frontliners Support

HT Group is giving away 500 selected Nexen tyres and 200 bottles of Mobil Super 2000 engine oil to healthcare frontliners.

HT Group Shows Solidarity and Support to Healthcare Frontliners

HT Group, the exclusive distributor of Nexen Tire in Malaysia, kicked off the HT Group Frontliner Support Program in a show of appreciation for the efforts of frontliners in battling the Covid-19 outbreak.

“We are giving away 500 selected Nexen tyres and 200 bottles of Mobil Super 2000 engine oil to healthcare frontliners. The aim is to thank and show solidarity to them for their sacrifice in combatting the epidemic. This initiative is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts to ease their burden during these difficult times, ” said Director Terence Tay.

The HT Group Frontliners Support Program, he continued, began in May at Hawk Tyre Service outlets, Johor Bahru. The response was so good that the Group decided to extend the programme to Klang Velley.

To be eligible for this programme, one must be a healthcare frontliner from the company’s selected government hospitals in the Johor Bahru and Klang Valley. These include Hospital Sungai Buloh, Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Hospital Ampang, Hospital Selayang, Hospital Serdang, Hospital Sungai Buloh, Hospital Shah Alam, Hospital Kajang, Hospital Banting, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Pusat Perubatan Univesiti Malaya, Hospital Putrajaya, Hospital Permai, Hospital Sultan Ismail and Hospital Sultanah Aminah.

“All the frontliner needs to do is message us the required details such as full name as per identity card, contact number, car model and tyre size, as well as a picture of his/her medical license/employee identification/official probationary letter from hospital, to stand a chance of getting 2 pieces of Nexen tyres or a bottle of Mobil Super 2000 engine oil for free. ”

HT Group launched the program on their Facebook page, and they ran out of stock within 3 hours after the launch.  “The response was overwhelming. We are now fully booked till end of July, 2020. Tyre installation and other services are also made available at our participating Nexen Tire outlets and Hawk Tyre Service outlets at a chargeble rate. ”

“Offering free Nexen tyres and Mobil engine oil is our way of supporting these heroes.  This program allows our frontliners to have the comfort of knowing that their safety on the roads is taken care of, giving them peace of mind while they are busy attending to patients during this pandemic. As for us, it helps us to create brand awareness of our sole distribution products – Nexen Tire and Mobil engine oil. ”

Tay also revealed their plan to extend the programme to other frontliners such as army, police, firefighter and many more. “We are working with more brand owners to see whether we could do more and continue to support our frontliners for an extended time, as well as extending this programme to other states to benefit more frontliners. ”

Apart from this programme, Tay said, the Group also provides reusable face masks for all HT employees. Other efforts including providing face masks and hand sanitisers for their dealers and reusable face masks for their social media followers as lucky draw gift.

“We also printed standard operating procedures (SOP) for our dealers and held meetings with them to advise them on the implementation of the new SOP. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of their customers and staff, ” he added.



“我们送出500条特选的耐克森轮胎和200瓶Mobil Super 2000机油给前线医护人员,旨在向对抗疫情无私奉献他们表示支持和感谢。该倡议是我们公司企业社会责任的一部分,以减轻医护人员在这艰难时期的负担。”董事Terence Tay表示。

他续说,HT集团前线支持计划5月于新山Hawk Tyre服务中心启动。热烈的反应使该集团决定将它扩展到巴生谷。

该计划只限HT集团所选定的新山和巴生谷政府医院医护人员参加。这包括双溪毛糯医院、Tengku Ampuan Rahimah、安邦医院、士拉央医院、沙登医院、沙亚南医院、加影医院、万津医院、吉隆坡医院、马大医院、布城医院、Permai医院、苏丹依斯迈医院及Sultanah Aminah医院。

“医护人员要做的就是把我们需要的资料传给我们,如身份证上的全名、联络号码、车型和轮胎尺寸,以及他/她的医疗执照/员工识别证/医院的正式试用信函,就有机会获得两条免费的耐克森轮胎或一瓶Mobil Super 2000 机油。”

HT集团在他们的脸书页面上推介该计划,而这些赠品在推介后的短短3个小时里就全部送完。“反应太热烈,我们被订满了一直到今年7月底。参与此计划的耐克森轮胎中心和Hawk Tyre服务中心也提供收费的服务如轮胎安装和其他服务。”

“提供免费的耐克森轮胎和Mobil Super 2000 机油是我们支持这些英雄的方式。该计划让医护前线人员知道,有我们在照顾他们的道路安全,让他们能够在疫情期间安心地照顾病人。至于我们,这个计划协助我们建立我们所分销的品牌知名度—耐克森轮胎和Mobil 机油。”


他说,除了这个计划,该集团也为所有HT员工提供能重复使用的口罩 。其他的努力包括为他们的代理提供口罩和洗手液,并以口罩作为幸运抽奖礼物,赠送给他们社交媒体的跟随者。


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