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Jiangsu General Science Co Targeting Higher Tyre Exports to Malaysia in 2019

Jiangsu General Science is targeting tyre exports of in-between 30,000 to 35,000 annually from 2019.

Jiangsu General Science Participates in CITEXPO 

Tyre manufacturer Jiangsu General Science Co Ltd has been consistently increasing tyre exports to Malaysia for the last few years. It exports tyres under the CTM brand to the Malaysian market through distributor CPC Tyre (M) Sdn Bhd. “We are targeting tyre exports of in-between 30,000 to 35,000 annually from 2019,” informed Vivi Chen, Sales Representative, Jiangsu General Science Co Ltd in an interaction at the tyre show CITEXPO organised from 20th – 22nd August in Shanghai. 

Despite protective tariffs raised in the key US and European Union market, the Jiangsu Province based tyre producer continues to send tyre shipments to these markets. The company has also pinned hopes on ongoing trade negotiations between the two countries in order to resolve the issue of high tariffs. “Despite high anti-dumping duties in Europe and the on-going trade-tiff between the US and China, shipments continue to these markets as the quality of our tyres is high,” Chen said. 

With protective tariffs coming-up in large EU & US markets, Jiangsu General Science Co is considering building a production base in the US and in one of the South Asian countries in the future. “We have plans to establish a TBR/PCR site in America and in South Asia in the next few years,” she confided. The company declined to comment on locations and time scale for these projects.

On the growing demand in the overseas and domestic market, Jiangsu plans to shortly embark on an ambitious capacity expansion drive. “We are expanding TBR production from 4 million to 6 million tyres and PCR from 1.2 million to 6 million pieces annually,” Chen added. The company exports about 500,000 TBRs each year.  The company’s tyre plant based in Jiangsu Province produces 4 million TBR tyres, 1.2 million PCR tyres and 20,000 OTR tyres annually.   




前几年,轮胎制造商江苏通用科技股份有限公司不断提高它出口到马来西亚的轮胎数量。它透过其经销商CPC轮胎(马)私人有限公司将CTM 品牌出口到马来西亚市场。“我们的目标是从2009年起,每年出口30,000至35,000条轮胎。” 江苏通用科技销售代表Vivi Chen在上海于8月20至22日的CITEXPO展会上表示。

尽管美国和欧盟市场提高他们的保护关税,该公司仍然继续将轮胎出口到这些市场。该公司希望中国能够与美国和欧盟商谈有关高关税的问题 。“在欧洲的高倾销税,中国与美国之间持续的高贸易关税下 ,我们仍然继续出口轮胎到这些市场,因为我们的产品拥有高品质。”她说。 



为迎合海外和本地市场的增长,江苏计划扩大产能。“我们将扩大现有的400 万条卡客车子午胎年产能到600万条,轿车子午胎方面则从目前的120万条到600 万条。”她补充说。该公司目前每年出口大约500,000条卡客车子午胎。该公司在江苏的轮胎厂每年生产4百万条卡客车子午胎、120万条轿车子午胎及20,000 条工程胎。



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